A brief look into Norman Pattiz and Norman Lear

Norman Pattiz has over the years stood out among his many peers in broadcasting show business with many people considering him to have been the force which transformed radio show business. Pattiz successfully launched PodcastOne a radio broadcasting station that could be listened through streaming via the internet. As a result of this, he stands proud of his achievements. His experience in the industry is well over forty years. His career began when he started working for Courtside Entertainment Group before venturing out on his own to begin WestwoodOne that grew into Americas biggest radio broadcasting Network.

The broadcasting network plays host to very many shows with many subscribed listeners always tuning in every day of the week. The popularity of its shows has left many yearning for more content and in April Norman Pattiz finally fulfilled their wishes through the introduction of the now legendary Norman Lear.

The decision to have Norman Lear join the crew of PodcastOne was indeed met with a great exhilaration by the many loyal listeners and subscribers of this unique broadcast platform. His introduction of this legendary man into the radio industry played out as a significant step towards increasing the number of new listeners who are and have been his fans for a very long time.

As a widely celebrated writer and producer, Mr. Lear had previously made a big name for himself in television. His golden years saw Norman Lear rise to the top after he produced some of the best shows. Some examples of these memorable sitcom shows are One Day at a Time, Maunde, Good Times and the very famous show called Jeffersons.

Apart from all his success and fame in televised show business, Mr. Norman Lear is a veteran citizen who had the opportunity of serving the United States Of America in the Second World War. Learn more: https://ideamensch.com/norman-pattiz/

His switch to radio was a big step also from him and as such has become the avenue of his re-introduction into the limelight. His fans across America and beyond were all smile over the news, and his show has become a highly anticipated show.

The show named All of the Above with Norman Lear shall be aired through podcastone.com every Monday of the week. Many expect the show to be entertaining and in trying to meet their expectation, Norman Lear has scheduled interviews with quite some big celebrities. Their appearance will see them tackle questions that cover topics in trending events, new movies, politics, comedy as well as sports. Learn more: http://normanpattiz.com/author/npattiz/


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