A Review Of Jim Tananbaum’s Career

Jim contends that the idea of incorporating Foresite Capital started over two decades ago. He has always dreamt of being an investment strategist and healthcare entrepreneur. During that period, he underscored several experiences that led him to identify the factors that would help companies and entrepreneurs to succeed in the healthcare industry. Jim believes in innovation and team work.

Tananbaum asserts that Foresite means to comprehend and harness the future of healthcare. He says that innovative healthcare solutions and products necessitate more time and capital. To this end, the entrepreneur saw the need to help emerging leaders to secure adequate capital for purposes of enhancing their businesses by supplying them with information and networks. Foresite collects and digests all published information on healthcare. This way, he is able to comprehend the factors that have an impact in the industry, thus be in a position to determine the ideal investment prospects having the highest rate of success.

Today, the company has invested in 77 healthcare corporations in genomic sequencing, diagnostics, medical services and biopharmaceuticals. Some of the renowned companies in Foresite’s portfolio include Intarcia Therapeutics, Aimmune Therapeutics, 10x Genomics and Aerie Pharmaceuticals.

The executive contends that he spends the better part of his day with members of his team. In the meetings, they discuss about any new information affecting the portfolio company. He also listens to company presentations and establishes new relationships with thought leaders. Jim posits that he loves spending time with his family, especially having dinner with them. Tananbaum says that when he is not at home with his family, he is busy networking or enjoying dinner with friends. He asserts that he finds time to work out each day.

About Jim Tananbaum

Jim is the proprietor of Foresite Capital. He zeroes in on utilizing financial, operational and strategic opportunities to build successful healthcare businesses. Previously, he worked for different renowned biopharmaceutical companies. According to his Linked In profile, Jim is an alumnus of Harvard University, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

He is also credited for founding GelTex Pharmaceuticals. This company developed and introduced two drugs into the market. Jim contends that the total cost of manufacturing the drugs was less than $80 million. In 1998, GelTex was acquired for $1.6 billion. At the time, its leading drug, Renzela (Renagel), was generating over $200 million in annual revenue run rate.

To learn more, visit officialjimtananbaum.com.

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