Alex Pall Has A New Vision For Music Duo The Chainsmokers

You can look at college campuses everywhere and realize that people absolutely love the music they’re getting from the Chainsmokers. This duo has proven itself as one of the most successful and vibrant EDM production crews around. Their recent hit “Closer” has all the trappings we expect from classic EDM producers like this. It’s catchy and it’s flashy in a way that can get any college club excited. The duo have b3en working on this for years and only now have they achieved stardom. It’s something you can respect and enjoy at the same time. Few in the music industry can actually say this about themselves.

Alex Pall decided to create the Chainsmokers years ago and he didn’t stray from his vision. There are plenty of people who think going into the music industry is going to be easy and let the quality of their music drop. He hasn’t allowed this fate to befall him yet. We are getting the same quality we were getting in the early days. Nothing about what Alex Pall is releasing has changed from the early days. He’s officially made himself a legend and he’s been in the business for less than a decade.

The amazing thing about college crowds is that they are willing to try anything and they are able to enjoy things even if they haven’t seem them before. That’s where the talent of the Chainsmokers comes form. They know how to give the crowd something new and they know how to bring excitement. It’s their moment and they plan on using it to its fullest. You can’t always find music producers who understand how to reach crowds and get them excited. This is something that few people are able to understand and even fewer are able to make the most of it. There are so many things you can say about the work of Alex Pall, but you can never say that he hasn’t put his all in his portfolio. He wants to be remembered for his talent and doesn’t care how much energy he’s going to have to put forth.