Bruno Fagali Career Achievements

     In Brazil Law is the most respectable career. From the research, law schools and universities have become increasingly in the past few years. Bruno Fagali leads as one of the most successful and an example of the legal advisors in Brazil. Fagali is a specialist in regulatory law, administrative law, ethics, and urban law, among others. Bruno Fagali has an excellent educational background. He studied at Pontifical Catholic University and obtained a law degree in 2008. Bruno Fagali later enrolled in the University of Sao Paulo where he earned himself a Law of States, Anti-corruption and Administrative master`s degree in 2017.

During the time of his education, Fagali use to spend much of his time in various internship programs. He even taught as intern where he helped students who were practicing law to meet there career dreams. During time of his legal education, Bruno Fagali performed various legal jobs. He believed that to become an attorney you need excellent legal skills that can only be fostered through experience and learning.

Bruno Fagali hard work, self-drive and devotion landed him at Calil, Radi, and Associados advocacia law firm. He served in this law firm for over two years and gained more experience in law. Bruno Fagali later left and joined his current workplace. Bruno has worked as an attorney for the Nova/SB from May 2014. At Nova, Bruno Fagali mainly focuses on the election, anti-corruption, compliance, and public law among others. Bruno also serves with Corporate Compliance and Ethics as a board member. He has proven to be the most valuable and reliable associate of the Brazilian Institute of Law & Corporate Ethics.

Bruno Fagali has a kind heart and believes in helping other people to make ends meets through accomplishing their career dreams. He contributes to the state`s legal aspects through setting up training programs which help in educating law students. Bruno also writes on various law topics and share them to the public domain.