Bruno Jorge Fagali the Law Expert in Compliance Bruno Jorge Fagali the Law Expert in Compliance

     The Brazilian advertising is prominent for being a multi-billion advertising entity. Its major contributors are government departments as well as agencies. Due to the delicate relationship that media and advertisers share, the advertising industry is experiencing numerous challenges pertaining to compliance issues. One factor is the traditional bonus, a payment system that media agencies use to pay clients.

Traditional Bonus

Bruno Fagali, an experienced lawyer in Brazil, offers insight regarding this payment system. He states that it has five red flags in the current advertising platform. Bruno says that the traditional bonus has increased the number of litigations in Brazilian justice system. These litigations have risen in the past years. Compliance programs have not succeeded in reducing the number of lawsuits.

The Red Flags

Bruno Fagali continues to explain that the traditional bonus is vulnerable to the current advertising platform. He points out that agencies are actively involved in withholding payment. This is inappropriate as it increases their discount. On the other hand, agencies may demand illegal favours from advertisers. He also noted that the traditional bonus gives agencies an upper hand in competing for the right choice of vehicle to use in advertising. The last point on Bruno Fagali’s observation is that external services from advertisers can influence agencies.

Law Practice by Bruno Fagali

Bruno Fagali is a renowned lawyer in Brazil. He is a leading compliance attorney. The multi-skilled, award-winning attorney is prominent for his vast years of experience. He has extensive knowledge in various fields pertaining to law. Some of the areas include government tendering, compliance, corruption, in addition to public resource management. His experience contributed to his appointment as the head of corporate integrity program. He has served in that capacity since 2015.

Additional Information

Bruno Fagali is committed to fostering compliance. He is also passionate about promoting ethics. He serves in public and private sectors. Having diligently served in the two capacities, he was awarded the Pro-Ethics Award by Ethos Institute.


Aside from that, Bruno Fagali is known as a practising attorney in his private jurisdiction. He established Fagali Advocates in 2014. As his private firm, he holds the head cheerleading positions. Bruno Fagali doubles as a lecturer at the prestigious Sao Paulo University. His skills cover mastery of languages. He speaks English, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese, his native language. In addition, Bruno is a competent analyst. He is also a trained who harbours excellent management skills in business.