Business Mogul and Former Sports Journalist Jose Hawila Guilty of FIFA Corruption Charges

Self-styled Brazilian entrepreneur and ex-sports commentator/writer Jose Hawilla created a small firm in Brazil which eventually turned into a massive sports marketing corporation. Born in Sao Paolo specifically in San Jose Do Rio Preto, Mr. Hawila started his humble profession as a sports media personality. Just as he rose to fame and fortune, Jose Hawila admitted his guilt on December 12, 2014, on charges of corruption including money laundering, racketeering or plotting illegal acts, and wire fraud for the FIFA or Fédération Internationale de Football Association corruption case. The business executive agreed to give up $151 million and paid $25 million in December of 2014.

The Growth of Traffic Group

Jose Hawila nurtured Traffic Group within three decades into a driving force in the soccer enterprise. He brokered the sponsorship agreement between the Brazilian Soccer Federation and Nike Corporation in the 1990s. Later on, Jose Hawila expanded the negotiations for marketing as well as TV rights to essential tournaments for FIFA which served as the governing organization for soccer. Hawila even convinced Hicks, Muse, Tate, & Furst, a private equity company in the United States, to acquire a substantial minority venture in his corporation. You can visit for more.

The 71-year old Jose Hawila had an office in Miami (Florida) and played a role in opening franchises of the North American Soccer League both in Florida State and North Carolina. Traffic Group maintained a private bank account in Citi Group (NYC) and another one in Miami which got several millions of dollars from a Cayman Islands firm the magnate controlled. Hawila’s close association with the United States also led to his downfall. He became exposed to American law enforcement authorities. Also indicted was Traffic Sports International along with its subsidiary in the USA. Aaron Davidson. American CEO/President of Traffic Group and North America Soccer League board chair. You can visit his page for more.

Decisive Moment

The defining moment for this case involving Jose Hawila came after the man learned from the US Federal Bureau of investigation for his supposed involvement in the legal action. He agreed to cooperate and wore a wire allowing prosecutors to document audio evidence that pinned down many officials and executives for paying bribe money to Hawila and his cohorts.

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