Daniel Mark Harrison’s Amazing Career Success

Daniel Mark Harrison is currently one of the most successful entrepreneurs based in the United States. The businessman has earned a lot of respect in the country, especially in matters concerning cryptocurrency and business. There are people who call him a jack of all trades because of the many areas he has invested in. Daniel Mark Harrison has also achieved a lot over the years while working as a book chain evangelist, author, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. His presence in the country has changed the lives of so many people from the nation.

Daniel Mark Harrison has a rich educational background. This has played a fundamental role in his bright career. Harrison went to acquire his university education at some of the most respected universities in the world. After completing his high school education many years ago, Harrison enrolled at the famous University of Oxford where he eventually graduated with a BA in theology in the year 1999. Harrison later went to prestigious Norwegian Business School for his masters. By the time he was getting the business degree, Daniel Mark Harrison had already established himself as one of the most successful and influential professionals in the corporate world.

Currently, Daniel Mark Harrison is the president and chairman of an institution called Daniel Mark Harrison Company Limited. He acquired this position in 2015, and he has been working hard to make sure that the company achieves its goals. As the president of the private institution, Mark Harrison has done his best to take care of the family assets. The firm specializes in managing the businesses under the family name. Some of these investments are real estate firms that are found in Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Singapore. The businessman had done his best to safeguard the reputation of his company and family businesses.

Mark Harrison has done well in his career because of several reasons. First of all, he is a go-getter who loves working hard and changing the lives of the people in the society. His family background has also played a key role. The Mark Harrison family is considered to be one of the wealthiest in the United States.

Rubica Helps Protect Your Personal Property

The concept of why cyber security is important is a question many people have been asking since the advent of the internet back in the 1990s. Take the WannaCry attacks of May of 2017 for example, the attack affected about 150 countries infecting over 300,000 computers. These attacks are not uncommon, and they often cost the companies or individuals money and time as well as possibly ruining sensitive information that is stored on that device. Between 2013 and 2015 alone the cyber security industry lost over $500 billion resulting from hacks that temporarily took computers down and maimed company’s abilities to make money for a certain period of time. Cyberthreats are expected to globally cost economies up to $6 trillion a year by 2021 based on conservative estimates. Cyber attacks to medical equipment alone are estimated to hit $101 billion by 2018. All of these attacks prompted US President Donald Trump to sign an executive order in May 2017 that helps improve personal cyber security for US devices focusing primarily on infrastructure and federal information technology works.


One such company that can provide these kinds of services to help protect your computer is Rubica which exists to protect individuals’ “digital rights” to a secure and safe environment that is at less risk of being hacked or broken into as well as deterring the people who are committing cybercrimes. Rubica has programs that are powerful enough to protect world-class corporation computers and but also help protect individuals and families who have computers at home that they want to keep safe as well.


Rubica will protect your devices no matter where or how you use them. There is also a contact department where you can contact people live in person to help you with any security problems you are having with your computer or their software. Rubica is also funded by some of the top software giants in the industry including Lerer Hippeau Ventures, Upfront Ventures, Slow Ventures, and Expa Labs to name a few.

Arthur Becker Sets Sights on Soho Development

In an article on The Real Deal, if you want to put your finger on the pulse of New York City real estate then you wouldn’t be too poorly off by keeping an eye on Arthur Becker. Arthur Becker is one of the most prominent real estate developers in New York City and his path to this career choice has been one worth watching, reading about, and learning from. Most recently we saw that Becker doubled down on an investment, his Soho project, by laying down more investment in actual real estate via the purchase of three townhouses.

If you haven’t heard of Arthur Becker quite yet then we don’t blame you. For years Arthur Becker has worked as a behind the scenes partner in the New York City real estate environment. Becker has been the money man, or quiet investor, for a host of the biggest people in the New York real estate scene. From Kevin Maloney and the Property Markets Group to Robert Gladstone at Madison Equities, Becker has been there every step of the way. Becker’s biggest work has been with Billionaire’s Row but now it appears that he is becoming the focal point of his next big project on Sullivan Street, located in Soho.

According to Huffington Post, Becker purchased into the Soho development with a multi-million dollar investment early on in the process. Now Becker is doubling, or even tripling, down on that investment by purchasing three townhouses that are adjacent to the property – 10 Sullivan Street. Becker has recently purchase 30, 40, as well as 50 Sullivan Street all at once. Though Becker declined to comment on how much he paid for the townhouses, public records show that he is nearly $15 million deep in terms of investment cash. Becker HAS stated that he will be planning on living within one of the townhouses after they are finished being built while he focuses on selling the additional two. The Soho development project looks to be one of Becker’s biggest home runs since entering the New York real estate scene and we think that he should have an easy time getting more than just his money back when all is said and done, at least according to the analytics.

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