He is one of the best lawyers you are likely to find in Brazil. Since 2006, he has made tremendous steps towards the growth of his advocacy career. He is a smart and intelligent lawyer who has been involved with some law firms for over ten years. He has continuously gained experience in his […]

Bruno Fagali Career Achievements

     In Brazil Law is the most respectable career. From the research, law schools and universities have become increasingly in the past few years. Bruno Fagali leads as one of the most successful and an example of the legal advisors in Brazil. Fagali is a specialist in regulatory law, administrative law, ethics, and urban law, […]

Bruno Jorge Fagali the Law Expert in Compliance Bruno Jorge Fagali the Law Expert in Compliance

     The Brazilian advertising is prominent for being a multi-billion advertising entity. Its major contributors are government departments as well as agencies. Due to the delicate relationship that media and advertisers share, the advertising industry is experiencing numerous challenges pertaining to compliance issues. One factor is the traditional bonus, a payment system that media agencies […]