Celebrities Flock Towards Peace of Mind Found within Ancient Teachings

The stress of life is often overwhelming, daily challenges compiled by the stresses of balancing work and personal life, and other challenges that present themselves within life can send individuals searching for meaning and answers in unique places. During the late fifties and early sixties, society saw an influx of Eastern philosophies find their way into some of the elite circles of popular entertainment. Artists such as the Beatles, Rolling Stones, and even great speakers like Alan Watts found peace in embracing philosophies that were not common to their native lands.

A long time has passed since beatniks interested in Buddhism or Englishmen touting the benefits of Eastern religions though the trend has not faded. Once again culture is witnessing a re-emergence in the popularity of ancient teachings among celebrities and entertainment insiders. This time though celebrities and entertainment insiders are seeking solace and refuge from the stresses of their lives with the ancient teachings of the Kabbalah.

From celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, or even Madonna herself have been turning to the ancient teachings of Jewish mysticism, traditionally only available to members of Orthodox Judaism who have reached a prescribed age set by rabbis.

As the popularity of the teaching continues to increase, centers providing interested celebrities a safe environment to study and learn about the teachings have continued to grow as well. Madonna, a long-time supporter of the teachings and often thought as one of the main driving forces behind the interest of celebrities in the teachings, has used portions of her vast fortune to create centers catering to interested celebrities. Kabbalah is also present in professional network like Linkedin.

The most famous of the Kabbalah Centers catering to creating safe places away from prying eyes of reporters and paparazzi is certainly the Kabbalah Centre located in Los Angeles. The hub of all things Hollywood and movies is frequented quite often by celebrities and other influential leaders within entertainment. The center which teaches the beliefs central to the belief system has broken from the more stale and restrictive traditions held by other sects of the belief system, mainly effecting a more inclusive attitude.

If you would like to learn more about Kabbalah for celebrities please read this engaging article on the subject.

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