CEO Of AIA Robert Ivy Says Code Of Ethics keep Professional Members Accountable

Professional organizations, industry societies, and trade associations can be indispensable to those dedicated to certain industries no matter the seniority level, and relative position. Whether a craft amateur or experienced veteran, the tools and resources available to members of particular professional societies can transform the value of career experience; enhancing networking opportunities while leveraging the support of other skilled, connected members.

None understand this better than Robert Ivy, EVP/Chief Executive Officer of the American Institute of Architects. From his first-hand perspective, having political, and tax lobbying power as an architect is one of the greatest benefits- to sway interests in favor of member professionals who live by their work. Plus, the more members an association has, the higher its lobbying power. The executive vice president relents that although architects are small in number, groups like the American Institute of Architects gives the unified body of career practitioners access to greater levels of avocational pursuit that directly benefit the consortium.

Along with political power comes credibility. Robert Ivy concurs that organizational membership confers commitment, leadership, and solidifies position within networking capabilities. For example, members of the AIA are held to standards of professionalism to uphold at all times, extending indemnity to clients in many ways. A system of values and ethics keep members aligned. Adherence to certain values holds members accountable. Accountability leads to discipline.

Robert Ivy has made several contributions to the field of architecture. He served as editor for “Architectural Record“, the widely circulated, established architectural journal. He then worked his way up to Editorial Director and Vice President of McGraw-Hill Construction Media.

“Architectural Record” thrived under the editorial direction of Robert Ivy. The magazine acquired well over 40 awards including 26 Jesse H. Neal Awards, American Society of Magazine Editors National Magazine General Excellence Award, and an award for premier journalism. Also, he received Crain Award. Currently Ivy received Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award.