End Citizens United Generates Enthusiasm For CA-45 Candidate Katie Porter

End Citizens United is going to be one of the most important players in the upcoming 2018 Congressional Elections that are set to take place across the United States of America.

While the 2016 Presidential Election turned out to be historic, many folks in Washington D.C. and around the rest of the country are looking to the Congressional Elections in 2018 as the deciding factors for nearly a decade of American politics. What does this mean? Well, it means that political action committees like End Citizens United are leaping into action to endorse politicians who are willing to stand up to the swamp and say no to the influx of dark money that is currently staining America’s political system.

End Citizens United has been generating progressive enthusiasm around the country for the better part of the past two years but they know that getting the vote out is now more important than ever. This means that no district race can be taken for granted and that is why ECU has gotten into the action in order to endorse Katie Porter in her race for California’s 45th Congressional District against Mimi Walters, one of the many Republican figures on the Big Money 20 list. The Big Money 20 list was developed by End Citizens United to showcase which politicians are taking the most money in order to sell out their constituents for kickbacks to their corporate donors and lobbyists.

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Katie Porter made a name for herself as an attorney that was willing to go toe to toe with the corporate stain permeating through Wall Street. She has continued her march toward political office with integrity by declining any and all donations for corporate-funded political action committees. Porter wants her political career to be defined by her adherence to her constituents and her clean record. Tiffany Muller, President of End Citizens United, went on record to support Katie with her decision. Muller praised Porter’s decision to keep her financials clean and went on to point out how much of a rarity that was in the current political climate. Muller finished by pointing out how much money Republican Mimi Walters was taking in corporate donations from special interest groups.

What makes Porter such a strong candidate for the CA-45 seat is the fact that she is willing to stay on the record and focused on her work as a politician, not as someone farming for donations from corporate lobbyists. Porter said in a statement, “I have spent my career taking on special interests and will always make middle-class families my top priority.” Porter’s partnership with End Citizens United will help to raise her brand awareness and get more voters to turnout during the upcoming elections.

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