End Citizens United Is Fighting For Inclusiveness In The Democracy Through Endorsements

     Since the year 2010, the supreme court made its decision to allow individuals and groups of special interest groups to fund political campaigns. However, the American people have gotten fed up with this trend and most of them like senator Cory Booker, Senator Kristen. These donations not only are they covered with the cloak of secrecy but they are also the reason those elected to office do not adequately serve the interests of the people. End Citizens United is an organization that has taken a particular interest to those candidates who turn down donations from corporate Political Action Committees (PAC). End Citizens United has been endorsing candidates who have finally decided enough is enough, and they wanted to bring reforms regarding campaign finance. Others that have been endorsed by End Citizen United include Beto O’Rouke, Andy Kim, Conor Lamb, Christina Hartman, Randy Bryce, Dean Phillips and Elissa Slotkin. The vision for End Citizens United to fight how the money of billionaires influences election outcome has been unwavering. The organization has a network of followers across the country, and they have coordinated to support candidates for reforms to be elected to office. Tiffany Muller who is the President of the organization commended Corey Bookers decision and was confident that he would genuinely serve the people and not the individual interests of specific groups. Ms. Muller looked forward to working with Corey Booker to reform the electoral system and give everyone a voice in the democracy. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand also made her stand and promised that she was all about serving New York and its people. Senator Gillibrand wanted to be part of this noble cause having witnessed how those in the pockets of big money donors are influenced to pass disastrous bills. Senator Gillibrand has always fought for politicians being held responsible for their actions and transparency. She has always had the habit of posting her financial statements and her official schedule for the day online. Also, she has consistently posted her annual tax returns on the digital platform. Senator Gillibrand also attempted a motion in Congress that sought to prevent the members of the Congress from trading in stocks on the grounds of inside information. End Citizens United has recognized her efforts, and the endorsement would connect her to the network of ECU in New York approximated to be 265,000. End Citizens United made a list of those in Congress that were associated with the mega-donor issues. These individuals had failed to back the legislation that would bring reform the electoral process. End Citizens United called the list “The Big Money 20.”

For more, see https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2016/04/how-to-reverse-citizens-united/471504/.