EOS Lip Balm’s Are More Popular Than Ever

For more than 10 years now, EOS’s patented lip balms have been finding their way into the hands of millions of people all over the world. Despite the fact that the market for lip balms and all things beauty has been saturated for longer than EOS has been around, they managed to take a leading position in the market with one of the most recognizable and desired lip balm products on the market. A lot of thought and practice went into the design of EOS lip balms, including their shape, exact size, twisting mechanism, and more. According to EOS management, these were carefully tweaked to be appealing to people of all age groups. Kids especially enjoy EOS lip balms for their color and variety, not to mention most of them have a nice scent and flavor.

EOS Lip Balms have been able to take over the heavily saturated market because they appeal to many of the senses and are as effective as they are fun. Today, EOS has a large variety of different scents and flavors, including Honeysuckle and Acai, so everyone is sure to find at least a couple that they like, if not them all. According to Evolution of Smooth’s founders, they wanted to create a lip balm that was capable of being part of the daily beauty routine, regardless of it just being a lip balm.

Since first taking flight in 2007, Evolution of Smooth has had many advertisers, including a handful of different celebrities as well. Some of the celebrities that have featured EOS lip balms in their videos or daily lives are Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B, although Miley Cyrus had the most powerful impact on spreading EOS’s lip balms being the first to introduce them in one of her music videos.