Felipe Montoro Jens Fears For Brazil’s Economy

With the critical state that Brazil’s economy is currently in, experts are volunteering their sound advice for the sake of prolonging Brazil’s existence. Unfortunately, if Brazil continues on their downward spiral, analysts forecast an imminent demise. When the National Confederation of Industry released some troubling figures regarding Brazil’s infrastructure, specialists propelled into action. Felipe Montoro Jens, a project analyst, was especially keen to offer his sentiments. According to the National Confederation of Industry, Brazil abandoned upwards of 2,800 construction jobs last year. Of these 2,800 projects, 517 were infrastructure works. Visit on his twitter account for latest updates.

Given the unfavorable impact these actions have on the economy, experts like Jens were wholly displeased to realize just how negligent Brazil’s been. According to Felipe Montoro Jens, Brazil lacks the knowledge, skill, and logic to execute seemingly simple jobs. As a result, Brazil’s economy is rapidly declining, and their resources are steadily diminishing. Jens maintains that there are four causes for Brazil’s ongoing discontinuation of jobs. Said reasons include technical issues, land ownership problems, budgeting oversights, and insufficient training. A combination of all of these constraints has led to Brazil’s waning economy. In the hopes of reviving their nation, Brazil must show initiative and take ownership of their deplorable actions.

Fortunately, Jens’ genius for problem solving enabled him to devise some resolutions to Brazil’s unceasing predicaments. Improving macroplanning procedures, refining microplanning techniques, offering training, establishing balanced contract methods, and bolstering internal controls are some proposals Jens has offered. The National Confederation of Industry strongly encourages Brazil to avail themselves of this advice. Otherwise, they’re bound to fail spectacularly. Jose Augusto Fernandes of CNI is particularly outraged by Brazil’s utter negligence. Fernandes states that “the country seems unable and unwilling to learn” and hopes that Brazil will demonstrate their compassion before drastic measures unfold.

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