From Acidic to Alkaline: How Waiakea Holds Up

It seems like merely a blink of the eye when bottled water was just bottled water. The idea was that the water coming out of the tap was filled with way too many contaminants and that it was better for people to drink bottled water. The interesting thing was that at the time they started selling bottled water, it did not matter what company sold it. It was assumed that the water was much better than what was coming out of the tap. Then in the next few years, a lot of new information was revealed about the bottled water companies which has gotten people to rethink their approach to bottled water.

One thing that people have found is that a lot of the companies got their water by merely taking water from the tap and filtering it. Some water companies have just taken water from the tap and put it in a bottle. Afterwards, they slapped the label on it. As new information has been revealed about bottled water and health in general, it has become apparent that people are going to have to be a little more knowledgeable about the companies that offer bottled water.

One thing that people have begun to learn about is the acidic nature of some of the bottled water companies. Many of the bottled water companies sell acidic water. However, premium water companies like Waiakea sell premium water with electrolytes as well a high ph level of 8.8 which makes pretty much an alkaline source. This gives it a better ability to kill off all of the free radicals that cause a lot of damage in the body. When people drink Waiakea water, they are actually taking in all of the health benefits of water that they should be getting. Regular drinking of Waiakea will make them healthier.