Gareth Henry is the Face of the Financial Industry

In the world of finance, it is safe to say that Gareth Henry had a slow start. Having simply gotten a degree in mathematics from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, no one could have anticipated the success that was yet to come with regards to Gareth Henry.

The most successful people in the world will shock you not by their natural ability or their beginnings, but by the sheer amount of hunger they possess to succeed. Gareth Henry is no exception to this rule; having fallen in love with the space in the world where finance and mathematics come together, Henry was, in his own words, “hooked.” Of course, when this desire to succeed was paired with Henry’s presupposed talent for opening up clients to speak on investments, you cannot be surprised at how far Henry has made it. Check out to read more about Gareth Henry.

Carrying his talents on his back, Gareth Henry swiftly became the Global Head of Investor Relations at the renowned Fortress Investment Group. It was those talents he wielded which allowed Henry to ascend in the world of finance so quickly; few others would have been able to start with what Henry had started with and made it as far as he did.

No one could deny the admiration Henry’s success calls forth. However, at Fortress Investment Group, he was merely beginning. Besides his work at Fortress Investment Group, Henry has established himself as the Global Head of Industry Relations at corporate giant Angelo Gordon. This organization manages more than $26 billion, an amount most people can hardly comprehend.

To completely understand how Henry never stopped continuing his growth even after far surpassing the point of financial security, you need look no further than his outlook towards life.

Henry did not believe in sitting around, lulling about, waiting for opportunities to come whizzing by. Because he knew that isn’t how the world works. Because of this, Henry does not slow down; he continues to work whenever time and life permit.

Angelo Gordon will undoubtedly not be the last of his pursuits. Given his current pace, it is unlikely Henry will stop soon.