How American Institute of Architects Is Catering For The Health Benefits Of The Society Through Design

     Robert Ivy heads the American Institute of Architects as the CEO and has seen the organization achieve a strategic plan for implementing its objectives since he assumed power. His first dedicated himself to seeing that he executed two major roles when he initiated the investigations on improving the welfare of the society and the architectural future. He promised to deliver a long-term strategy in making the design as the catalyst for enhancing the general public health through foreseeing that research grants are put into a proper use, digital programs are initiated and community planning delivered as to ensure all the energy is directed towards bringing the best services to the society.

Robert Ivy expanded the awareness and understanding that architects played an impeccable role in the society and was the motivation behind his efforts to come up with the current American Institute of Architects which is a 21st-century responsive organization that holds a huge impact on today’s society. His major goal is to ensure that American Institute of Architects is updated to enhance its performance in ensuring that the organization positively discerns the society, improves the economy and fights all the obstacles that face the organization.

Robert Ivy says that since the times in memorial, the design has played one major role in public health. Different theme designs have been the focus every season where the last decade has found the emphasis on formalism. Those who wrote on buildings viewed them as objects that do not have anything to do with the improvement of public health but what Ivy sees is very different as he says that these buildings have a huge effect. The new trend is leading the young architects to have an interest in the hands-on building, and also the population and the society as a whole are appreciating that these two are related to the health provision services.

Ivy is focusing on ensuring that architects can be able to focus on the design in a way that it will promote health issues. American Institute of Architects will train and foresee that architects will be able to design buildings that will help reduce the rate of no communicable disease through developing buildings that will encourage people to walk through the upstairs where necessary thus encouraging exercises. This may help reduce diseases such as heart as heart disease and diabetes. The current health issue has made our architects get more concerned in considering how buildings access sunlight, clean, fresh water, and fresh air. Ivy is always on the task to ensure the institute brings out the best architectures and technology for the benefit of helping the society.