How Kevin Seawright Is Improving Baltimore One Home At A Time

For the first decade of his professional career Kevin Seawright of Baltimore, Maryland, worked in the public sector. He had a number of financial management positions for the city including being the chief financial officer of the recreation & parks department. In March 2011 he transferred over to the private sector in March 2011 when he joined Tito Contractors. He is now a business leader who established his own company, RPS Solutions LLC, which helps low and middle-income people buy their first homes. More about of Kevin Seawright at

His company offers a broad variety of services. These include acquiring homes, property development, and the sale of assets. RPS Solutions manages a portfolio of properties that they rehabilitate and then sell. One of the homes he recently sold is located at 9112 Bengal Road in Baltimore. This home, which was built in 1960, is a 2,000 sq ft and has three bedrooms. It was upgraded to a modern-retro design and was sold to a first-time home buyer.

Kevin Seawright has said that sales like this help the new homeowner and the broader community. The home buyer is able to purchase a home at a reasonable price they can afford. They can then build equity and invest in their own home. The neighborhood is helped because homeownership boosts economic development and homeowners take much more pride in their homes than renters do.

In 2017, Kevin Seawright got a big boost to his company and its mission. He had developed a partnership with a national nonprofit called the National Community Stabilization Trust. Through this organization, RPS Solutions can acquire homes from banks that have been either abandoned or foreclosed on. As a condition of being in this program the home has any deferred maintenance issues taken care of and it is then priced affordably so that lower income people can afford it.

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