How Victoria Doramus Hit Rock Bottom And Started The Recovery Process

Victoria Doramus says that she started taking drugs and drinking alcohol at a young age. She was just 26 when she spent her first time at a recovery facility. At the time she was addicted to Adderall and cocaine. Being young she didn’t really understand the recovery process and that she had a serious disease that would never go away.

She says she tried moving around quite a bit and even ended up in London where attended grad school for a period of time. She was back in America in 2016 when she had to go into a two-month stay at a Connecticut recovery facility. Victoria Doramus says, though, that she still wasn’t in a desperate enough of a state to really get on the path of substance recovery. She says she was too reliant on herself and wasn’t really truly listening to what she was being told by the recovery experts.

According to Blog Web Pedia, it was on Thanksgiving Day 2016 that Victoria Doramus well and truly hit rock bottom, the state people need to be in to see just how destructive their addiction has become. She was arrested and had nobody left in her life to turn to for help because she had burned every relationship in her life. She ended up at a no-nonsense recovery facility called Burning Tree.

At this facility Victoria Doramus, the digital and print media professional turned philanthropist, had to get up every day at 5:45 sharp for her medication and prayer time. She likens it to a boot camp which she very much needed. They spent time doing chores every morning and then peer confrontation groups took place. Every evening there were AA meetings to attend. She eventually was released from this facility in August and then spent time in a recovery house. Today she is helping four nonprofits while living in London because she wants to help others with her experiences. Follow @iamvictorialyn on Twitter.

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