Hussain Sajwani Secrets to Property Markets

The properties industry is one of the fastest growing investment ventures in the world. Dubai property market, however, has been the century’s example on what visionary investors with the correct policies from the government can achieve. In the early 2000s, Hussain Sajwani moved to UAE to invest. He was among the first investors to take a leap of faith to invest in a region without a history of the property market.

What inspired the DAMAC owner to invest in Dubai market in 2000? Many factors inspired Sajwani. The first and probably the most crucial element is his previous interaction with the American investment culture. Although he has spent almost all his life in Asia, his brief introduction to USA culture during his time in the University of Washington changed his perception of investment. His short work experience opened up his approach to investment dynamics and work ethics.

Second, Hussain Sajwani was lucky enough to help his family in family business in his early life. His exposure to the business world especially in Arabian market dynamics is the main reason why he is one of the smartest risk takers. From the two experiences from in the USA and his home country has made him the intelligent and visionary investor he is today.

However, apart from his exposure to the world of business and business dynamics, Hussain Sajwani strong personality and strong work ethics are his primary weapons. The business world and more specifically investment world requires one to have a specific set of qualities. It needs one to work successfully on the correct business environment but with eyes on trends and in future. Sajwani fits perfectly to this exceptional businessperson definition. Apart from managing his company and affiliate companies, he is always looking for ways to be the solution provider in the investment world.

What are the DAMAC plans in future? Hussain Sajwani is a firm believer in his position as the solution provider. One of the market trends that he is interested in including the gap in both UK and China investment markets. China, for example, has a growing need for middle-class properties due to the country fast-growing economy.

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