Infinity Group Australia Looks to Expands Its Innovation Lanes!

Do you ever wish that you did not have so much debt hanging over your head? Do you dream of a service that would help you get your bills and debt in check this year? Infinity Group Australia is now one of Australia’s fastest growing companies that are in the space of helping everyday Australians get off the debt wagon and improve their financial picture. This company has recently been recognized as one of Australia’s most innovative companies in 2018 by AFR.


The company helps the everyday consumer by assisting them with paying off an average of 41,000 off their home loans in the first three months. The Infinity Group Australia reviews its clients financial picture and it also provides a personal financial coach specifically tailored to meet the needs of each client that walks through it doors. They help those who have gotten bad predatory loans from the banks and show them the way to financial independence and freedom from debt.


The Infinity group Australia reviews its clients future goals such as buying a first home and collaborates with their expectations in order to reach the maximum result. The clients that work with this program get to see their own monthly performance reports, quality review, and budgeting goals sheet that helps then focus on the bigger picture once fully out of the allotted debt. The company was founded by Graeme Holm & Rebecca Walker in 2013 who both believe in a customer first approach in all of their interactions. Their enterprise includes five thriving locations and they are still looking for ways to continue to innovate in this space.


This company was selected from among 1,000 companies that were chosen from Australia and New Zealand. This shows the value that AFR( Australian Financial Review) placed on this company as they made the list coming in at #58 by showing innovation in reducing consumer debt and increasing client budgeting goals. The AFR has been around for more than 50 years and the award winning Infinity Group Australia is a testament to the innovation of creating wealth and reducing debt in the everyday lives of Australians for many years to come.