Jason Hope – Offering the World Hope for a Cure to Aging

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur with vision. He also wears the titles of visionary, futurist, investor, and philanthropist. He is working passionately to help slow down the process of aging. He was born in Tempe, Arizona and went on to study finance at Arizona State University. He later received his MBA from W.P. Carey School of Business at ASU. Jason Hope is a smart man, and was able to quickly achieve success and build an international reputation in the process. For more info connect with Jason on linkedin

Recently, Hope donated half a million dollars to the SENS Foundation. The Foundation addresses a different approach to aging. Their focus is in finding cures for diseases that break down the body and hat facilitate aging. Such diseases include those of the heart and lung.

Traditional medicines may fall short because manufacturers design them to treat diseases after they occur. Stopping diseases from ever happening is the key. Jason Hope also believes there is much that will occur due to the Internet of Things. It will definitely play an integral role in shaping modern society. Hope is well-connected, and his finger is on the pulse of modern business. He offers helpful and timely advice for people and businesses looking for effective ways to take advantage of opportunities.

A typical day for Hope starts out with a physical workout and a healthy breakfast. Then on to check emails and his social media network. He spends a lot of time on the computer and is prone to take occasional breaks to recharge. This type of routine allows him to brainstorm and bring ideas to life.

Those closest to him are among the people that offer the best feedback. It is all about approaching things one step at a time. People as dynamic as Jason Hope are usually on the go 24/7. Even when resting, they are working on ways to bring the next big idea to life.

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