Jed McCaleb Founder of Stellar

Mobile payments are a growing industry. Numerous people are excited about the different options available in this area. Jed McCaleb is the founder of Stellar. Stellar is one of the leading mobile payment companies in the world today.


Although Jed McCaleb is a successful business owner, he still takes time to help other people. He leads a mentoring group at a local college. He also teaches a few introductory business courses. With his experience in business, many students enjoy hearing stories from his career.


Starting a Company


The process of starting a company is arduous. Few people can start a company and have success. Jed McCaleb founded multiple companies before Stellar. When he was young, he dreamed of becoming a successful entrepreneur. His first few businesses were complete failures. He had little business experience, and he made simple mistakes multiple times.


Jed McCaleb is the type of person who always works hard. Even though he encountered failure in his businesses, he used those lessons to motivate him even more.


Early Career of Jed McCaleb


Jed McCaleb worked hard in the early part of his career. He started working at a technology company after graduating from college. He advanced within the company, and he decided that he did not enjoy working for a large corporation. He saved up a substantial amount of money and decided to start a business.


Future Plans for Stellar


Jed McCaleb is excited about the future of Stellar. Not only are mobile payments trending in the economy, but Stellar has an excellent opportunity to make a positive impact on others.


Although starting a company is difficult, Jed McCaleb believes that most people can become successful business owners by developing an idea and working hard. He is also a firm believer in utilizing technology to make running a company more convenient.