Jeremy Goldstein selling the importance of knockout options

Companies are beginning to no longer offer employees stock options. Many companies have made this decision in order to save money, as they continue to stay afloat in a changing environment. Others have stopped because several complex reasons. There are three concerns that have convinced companies to tailor back the benefits.


  1. When the stock value suddenly declines, employees don’t have enough time to sell their options. Firms will also have to report any associated costs, making the shareholders open to the threat of option overhang.
  2. Many employees are not trusting of this form of compensation. Partially because the sudden change in the economy can make the options worthless.
  3. Options create major accounting burdens for the company. The associated costs can often negate any financial gains made. Some employees would prefer having increased pay over options.


While there are criticisms regarding this form of compensation, there are some advantages to offering stock options.


  1. This type of compensation is easy for employees to understand.
  2. Options will only boost employees earnings, when the company’s stock value increases, causing employees to prioritize the company’s success and finding ways of bringing in new business, while also satisfying current business.
  3. Companies who provide shares instead of stocks, face less tax burdens.


The most valued solution for companies is to consider the knockout option. Knockout options eliminate existing obstacles. Jeremy Goldstein advises companies that are interested in providing knockout options, to meet with auditors, to find what the consequences are. Firms are advises to wait half a year before providing new options, or they may have a negative impact on their quarterly financial statement.


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