Jeunesse Global Creates Exciting New Product Lineup

Jeunesse Global was nothing but an idea in the heads of serial entrepreneurs Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis just ten years ago. Today, the company is increasingly a household name, with tens of thousands of distributors located across the globe and tens of millions of dollars in annual sales.

The secret to the company’s success has been its strong business plan, which provides real income-making opportunities to hardworking distributors across the globe, and its phenomenal product lineup. In fact, the ability of the company, which was only founded in 2009, to create such a strong portfolio of groundbreaking health and beauty products is nothing short of astonishing.

Wendy Lewis is a longtime industry veteran who has, with her husband Ray, created some of the most successful direct-marketing businesses in the health and beauty sector. When the couple founded Jeunesse Global, she was able to quickly tap into her long-established network of the industry’s top research and development scientists. This enabled Jeunesse to create products that were both cutting-edge and narrowly tailored to the niche markets in which the company has chosen to concentrate.

One of these markets is the rapidly expanding region of East Asia. There, people are extremely attuned to beauty and the preservation of a youthful appearance. Jeunesse answered this market need by creating products that include its NV skin care creme. NV contains a specially synthesized molecule to which Jeunesse holds all global intellectual property rights. Known as APT-200, the substance is scientifically proven to sharply reduce the appearance of wrinkles as well as restoring elasticity and a youthful glow to the skin of users. With just one application, NV can make a person look five to ten years younger.

Another area in which Jeunesse has filled gaps in the market is through its creation of fully organic energy and health drinks. With its Nevo energy drink, Jeunesse has become the first company in the world to deliver a drink with the punch of Red Bull but the healthfulness of green tea. With totally natural ingredients, Nevo is both great-tasting and extremely healthy for those who consume it.