Joel Friant: Spicing Up Life with the Habanero Shaker

With a reputation for creating a convenient way to enjoy spicy food, it can be easy to box Joel Friant into one career, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Besides creating the popular Habanero Shaker, a spice shaker containing flakes from one of the hottest chiles in the world, Joel works and has worked in success coaching, writing, public speaking, real estate, business, and more. After working in real estate for a substantial amount of time, Joel switched over to success coaching about ten years ago because he felt that there were people negatively impacted by the economy that could use the boost of encouragement. One of his greatest talents is examining a need for something, and filling that need by taking it into his own hands. The invention of the Habanero Shaker is no different.

Joel loved the taste of the spicy Habanero pepper since high school, and the love for it grew when he travelled abroad and tasted it in a wide variety of dishes. One thing he noticed though, was that he couldn’t find it in the spice aisle of the grocery store. He realized that many people wouldn’t be able to enjoy the hot peppers as much as he did, so he wanted to create a way to easily taste it and inject Habanero flavors into dishes. Thus, the Habanero Shaker was born. Similar to a simple salt shaker, the Habanero flavor makes adding a kick to any dish incredibly easy and inexpensive.

Since its invention, Joel has really cornered the internet market to sell Habanero Shakers, with Amazon being one of its primary retailers. Since then, people all over the world have been able to add the spicy taste of Habanero peppers to their dishes. All that’s in one Habanero Shaker is two years supply of Habanero flakes. It is about thirty times spicier than Jalapeno, so it’s perfect for those wanting a little more adventurous heat in their foods. At only about twelve dollars per shaker, this invention is the perfect way to add an unexpected, but delicious kick to any dish.