Joshua Smith Shares his Opinion on “Love what You Do”

Joshua Smith, CEO of the company Modular Greenhouses, did something amazing for the students of the High Desert Montessori School, in Reno, Nevada.

Through a partnership with the school, the students would be getting a new greenhouse in the future. Through the greenhouse, they were going to learn more about growing food, as well as learn more about the benefits of natural foods and what are their effects on the human body. It is a great way to learn while also doing experiments in real life!

Joshua Smith, one of the most important people at Modular Greenhouses, spoke about the decision.

He lives in Reno, Nevada, close to the school, and the teachers and administrators of the institution were very eager to do a partnership with the company in a way that they could provide their students with an actual example of how food-growing works.

According to the entrepreneur himself, the company is constantly sharing their greenhouses with institutions with non-profitable goals and noble objectives that would greatly benefit with access to one of their famous greenhouses.

With the headquarters located next to Joshua Smith in Reno, Nevada, Modular Greenhouses is one of the most impressive companies in the greenhouse industry, having controlled the market as the main developer of quality greenhouses in the entire country. More than that: They have already been awarded countless prizes that acknowledge their dedication to the business and their charitable donations when it comes to allowing institutions, organizations, schools and groups to use some of their greenhouses for free.

Joshua Smith definitely loves what he does. Since he became the CEO of the company, the greenhouse industry is one of the most critical parts of his life.