Kim Dao Talks About Future Travel Plans and More

Kim Dao said she plans to leave Japan and return to Australia in about a week. Over the summer, Kim Dao plans to spend seven weeks in Europe. She wants to know where her subscribers live in Europe ( . Kim Dao would like those subscribers to let her know because maybe when she visits those cities she can meet some of the Europeans, who watch her You Tube channel.


In the meantime, Kim Dao is having dinner with a friend named Chris Okano. Kim says that she and Okano have a brother-sister relationship, and they even fight like siblings. Kim Dao and Okano ate a buffet restaurant that had plenty of Japanese vegetables, some beef, and bacon here. The bacon and beef come raw with an egg. It seems like there are a lot of Japanese restaurants that allow their customers to cook their own food at the table. Customers are served a pan that has two compartments. The compartments have soy sauce in one and the other is a red sauce called kiminchi. Kim Dao put her vegetables in the soy sauce side of the pan. Kim Dao broke a brown egg into a bowl and beat the egg with a chop stick. It look she used to egg to make a whipped dessert.Learn more :


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