Lime Crime Expands Their Reach to the UK

Lime crime has been a pioneer in eccentric, high end, cosmetics. But they have done so primarily through their online presence, and came from humble beginnings. The business was founded in 2008 and only had a few products, but grew rapidly due to innovative marketing and branding moves. They have made a splash in eye-catching and dynamic makeup looks, from their iconic color eye shadow palettes to neon matte lips. They encourage self-expression through creating a look that is entirely your style.

As of last month, the brand has expanded their operations into the UK. This new venture is the result of an increase popularity in fashionable, bold, looks and makeup artistry. This new market will allow the company to expand their reach of latest beauty offerings and help generate more profit, and reach more consumers. On top of this, the UK market has had a rising taste towards ethically produced cosmetics and products. Mass retailers such as Tesco, Sainsburys, and Waitrose have developed entirely vegan food lines in response to this. That is why the appetite for this makeup has risen significantly, because Lime Crime does not support animal testing and creates entirely vegan makeup. In specific, a study from the NPD Group showed that sales of UK beauty products in the domestic region rose by 40%. This is primarily driven from vegan beauty product sales.

In particular, the makeup line is best known for their Venus XL palette and Matte Velvetine lipsticks. These have become cult favorites used by major beauty influencers on Youtube and also offline.

Lime Crime is committed to providing an unforgettable beauty experience. The use only the best materials and techniques while keeping the price point affordable for the everyday customer. Their use of ethical standards generates repeat-buyers and customer loyalty, which can attest to their international growth.