Louis Chenevert- Investing in human resource

Louis Chenevert is one of the most successful businessmen of this century. From working in the production management department at General Motors to being the CEO of United Technologies Corporation and now an advisor to Goldman Sachs, he had had quite a career that would inspirational to many young entrepreneurs. To hold these position, one must have some extraordinary brilliance coupled with hard work and commitment to excellence.

Having been born from a humble background Louis Chenevert did not have the privilege of choosing how he would live his life. It was either work hard or perish. Luckily he chose the former. Now he is a proud entrepreneur who has been behind the success of UTC at a time when the global economy was in a crisis. He led the company between 2008 and 2014. His performance at the time remain crucial to the performance of the company four tears now since he left.

The main reason why he succeeded as the CEO of the company is that he did he understood what needed to be done in the company. Two elements were essential to the firm- technology and human resource management. Louis Chenevert knew that without the right people to do work, there would be still challenges. Even though technology is being rolled out in almost every aspect of life, human resource cannot be replaced. In fact, technology is a result of good human resource management. These two need to go hand in hand.

Louis Chenevert invested heavily in employees’ education program. Although the program existed before he joined the company, he added more funds and assisted even more employees to access higher education. The company also sponsored students around the country especially those who were brilliant in technology-related courses.

To date, the company has spent millions in its education program. The program is meant to make the workers relevant to the business by ensuring they are updated on the recent trends in their fields of work. On matters technology, Louis Chenevert was behind the invention of the first geared turbofan jet engine which is widely used in military jets in the United States. Louis Chenevert 6 years as the CEO of UTC and a decade as the president of Pratt & Whitney led to great changes in the aerospace industry and also among other businesses under the UTC management.