Marketing Ideas with Krishen Iyer

Krishen Iyer is an individual with a knack for creating unique marketing campaigns. He attended Grossmont College and San Diego State University, where he ultimately obtained degrees in public administration and urban development. Krishen Iyer’s claim to fame has been his deep knowledge of the local area and applying it to focused marketing ideas for his clients. During a recent Ideamensch interview, he describes how Managed Benefits has become so successful.


Managed Benefits, formally known as Quick Link Marketing, was born from Krishen Iyer’s desire to connect companies with personalized marketing plans. He realized there was no service like this available, so he sought to fill the void in the industry around him. Krishen Iyer cites communication between his team and clients as a major player in the company’s success. The best ideas are created when diverse viewpoints are laid out and combined into the solution. His curiosity also aids in bringing out the highest potential in an idea.


The day in the life of Krishen Iyer can vary greatly depending on what needs to get done. He can be found client interfacing on some days, other days he is working on technical development, and of course sometimes he is simply working on a marketing campaign. He often likes to interact with clients in the morning when his mental state is at its peak. As technology improves, Krishen Iyer is encouraged by the amount of data becoming available. The more analysis his team can look at, the better current and future marketing tactics become.


In the marketing world, an individual has to understand their audience and who they are trying to reach. Krishen Iyer goes above and beyond to create a plan that meets the client’s wishes and stays in budget. His business has positive feedback from previous clients.