Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks Are More Than What They Seem

What are the Freedom Checks? And what can they do for you? In this article, we take a closer look at these checks, which are being promoted by Matt Badiali. Read this article at Money Morning.

Many people seem to dismiss this thing as a scam. They think that there is no way that the government would randomly hand out checks to people. However, these people do not know who Matt Badiali is. In addition, they have not done their research into these Freedom Checks and do not know how they really work. The first sign that people do not know the first thing about these Freedom Checks is that they think they come from the government. The truth is that these Freedom Checks are not actually being put out by the government, but rather by private companies. That is the first major myth about these checks that needs to be cleared up.

The thing that makes the checks different than all the other empty promises out there is that the checks are an actual investment. You are not paying money into some scheme or program hoping that you will somehow get rich. You should not do such a thing. Rather, when it comes to the checks, what you are doing is basically investing in certain kinds of companies that are allowed to give you regular dividends.

The program is called Freedom Checks because it was promoted by many US Presidents. They set up the program so that Master Limited Partnership companies could give their money away to their investors without having to pay first. They would only have to pay taxes once they had already paid off investors.

These companies have to meet certain criteria. They have to get ninety five percent of their revenue from the oil and gas industry. This means that they have to work in transportation, production, processing, or do something else in the gas industry. Otherwise, the government will not give them those passes.

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