Meet Dr. Eric Forsthoefel: What You Should Know

Eric Forsthoefel is a renowned physician situated in Tallahassee, Florida. He has been in the medical field for quite some time now and is a wealth of experience on Emergency Medicine. He is trained to oversee incidents of an urgent as well as precarious nature. You know what? Emergency medicine specialists solve various conditions and injuries day in, day out.



Eric, just like other emergency medicine specialists, spends most of his time in the ER (emergency room). He treats conditions ranging from minor injuries to harsh trauma and medical problems that can trigger life-threatening as well as long-term consequences. He also deals with conditions like cardiac, trauma or respiratory distress, allergic reactions, work-related injuries, lacerations, fractures, and other related conditions.


Emergency medicine is an important medical specialty. Basically, it deals with serious injured people who are in need of immediate help or medical attention. Emergency physicians have a general duty of starting resuscitation and stabilization as well as beginning interventions and investigations to handle conditions during the patient’s acute phase.


Emergency medicine specialists perform tasks related to diagnosing, stabilizing, and evaluating ailing individuals before they are released, and finding out the type of treatment that is most appropriate for them. According to the nature of a patient, a doctor may decide to admit him or her for further treatment or testing, referring the ailing individual to other medical professionals for further evaluation. A specialist may also choose to transfer the ailing individual to another hospital for long-term care as well as treatment.


According to reviews from previous patients, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel, is one of the highly rated healthcare professionals. If you want to get either an emergency or general appointment with him, consider visiting or contacting his place of work. Although he concentrates in emergency medicine, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel has other related specializations.


About Dr. Forsthoefel


Forsthoefel acquired his medical degree in the year 2012 from the University of Louisville. He did his residency at the Louisiana State University. He accepts several Insurance plans including Medicare, Coventry Health Care, and Aetna. He speaks English and Spanish.