Meet the Real Estate Titan and Philanthropist: Adam Milstein

Humanitarians have been there since time immemorial. Every humanitarian has something that they fight for, based on what their interest is. For Adam Milstein, he is determined to see that the Jewish culture is maintained, and there are custodians among the young generation to pass it to the next generation.


In his Jerusalem post, Adam Milstein mentioned that there are still leaders of the Jewish culture because he has met them. He says that they require both financial and moral support because the leadership is not easy.


Adam Milstein is not pursuing the quest of philanthropy alone. He is doing it with his wife. Together, they run the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. The foundation has been supplying Jewish books written in Hebrews to educate 15000 families what the Jewish culture expects from them. Adam Milstein says that balancing the humanitarian work, and his work life is what fulfills him.


Adam Milstein is a great real estate businessman. He is Hager Pacific Properties’ Managing Partner. He has led the firm to accumulate assets worth more than $ 1 billion. His passion for real estate began when he was in the university. He says that when he came to the USA to acquire his higher education, they were people who came to the university. Milstein realized that they were giving him offers lower than those of the undergraduates. He wanted what he was worth, so he began broking properties. He was doing so well as a broker that he decided to start his firm.


We all make mistakes at some point. Mistakes are there to educate us and make us better versions of ourselves. They also help the young entrepreneurs know what they should avoid. Adam Milstein says that he learned his lesson when he was in high school. He used to sell arts. After a few sales, he decided to invest all his savings to generate more profit. Business did not thrive as he expected it could flourish. It took him a long time to recover from the loss. He advises the entrepreneurs to be patient in business and embrace the journey. Greediness only leads to massive losses.