Mike Bagguley: A Meaningful and Significant Change for Barclays

It takes a lot to run an international organization. Organizations like that need strong leadership and a good understanding of the finances involved in conducting their business on a global scale. Barclays is one such company that has the advantage of seasoned professionals within the company structure to help them navigate such difficulties. Recently veteran CEO Tom King decided to step down from his post with Barclays. While he believed that it was the best time for him to move on, Barclays left with a void they needed to fill. They started searching for valuable talent throughout their company. In addition to the CEO position, there were other positions that were in sore need of being held one such position was that of COO. The top executives at Barclays seem to have a good candidate on board however with Mike Bagguley.

Mike Bagguley graduated from the University of Warwick. It was here that he had obtained a bachelor’s degree in mathematics which laid his foundation to work in the financial field. He felt as though this was where he wanted to end up and his previous goals dictated that trajectory. He worked a variety of jobs until he eventually started in a management role for Barclays. He found that after he started working for Barclays it was like a second home to him. Mike Bagguley has been there since 2001, so he has had time to learn the ins and outs of the company. This exceptional knowledge will serve him well in his new position as COO.

One of the main goals that Mike Bagguley has been charged with is to help the company maximize their profits and to trim down their expenses. Like most companies, Barclays wants to be able to turn as much of a profit as possible. Mike Bagguley has a proof that he is one of the best men for that job. In other departments, he has proposed plans to help with budgetary concerns and he has even devised a macro-marketing plan to help further those goals. As he continues to serve in his role as COO it is going to be interesting to see how he blossoms. A look into his crunchbase profile indicates that he is already done a significant amount of work.