Mike Baur is an entrepreneur who has his eyes set on the Tech space. Currently, he is working on an acceleration program for technology-based companies especially in Switzerland. Having worked in the banking industry for over twenty years and having successfully risen through the ranks, and later exited the field. The move was aimed at allowing him to concentrate more on the company he co-founded, Swiss Start-Up Factory. At the moment, this is the leading privately owned and funded startup accelerator company in the ICT space in Switzerland.


The entrepreneurial spirit in Mike Baur is evident even before founding Swiss Start-Up Factory as he still used to fund business. At the same time, he was also actively involved in mentorship of the youth. As a matter of fact, this is believed to be one of the motivating factors towards the establishment of the company in 2014. Evidently, the companies are doing great, and there have been a number of the companies accelerated that are creating the desired disruptions.


This is achieved mainly through financing, mentorship, and an intense three-month accelerator program. Other than participation in the acceleration of the startup, Mike Baur is a respected contributor and has been published by a number of leading authorities. This is both online and in the print media. His contributions are mainly in the finance field owing to his extensive experience in the industry. More so, he likes encouraging businesses to be willing to embrace technology in their operations. According to him, this will ensure that the businesses remain competitive by creating interruptions from the norm and thus gain more from the shift. His contributions are well detailed and offer great insights on how the financial sector can take advantage of this readily available technology.


Despite the fact that there are a number of companies and organizations in the startup financing, Swiss Start-Up Factory stands out. Right from the core, the company aims at supporting emerging businesses that are seeking to bring disruptions from the norm. This is also in line with the philosophy of Mike Baur. Interestingly, the company’s mission is to turn startup to a global business that causes positive disruptions from the prevailing norms, business models, and products. From the look of things so far, this is being achieved, and their mission of becoming a global gold standard when it comes to the acceleration of startups is slowly being realized.