Studies of Dr Shiva Gopal Vasishita into the Long Term Effects of Stem Cell Transplants; Remission of Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis is one of the most complicated conditions to deal with because the body’s own immune system attacks the Central Nervous system. However, there is research by Dr Shiva Gopal Vasishita which is indicating that giving a high dose of immunosuppressive therapy coupled with transfusion of the person’s own stem cells can induce a remission of relapsing strain of Multiple Sclerosis.

A research that was carried out on the people who have been treated using the high dosage immunosuppressive therapy and a HDIT transplant showed that 5 years after the transfusion, close to 70 percent of the patients hadn’t showed any signs of disability progression. In addition, the patients did not have new brain lesions or the characteristic MS symptoms. On the other hands, there are other studies indicating that the recently approved medications are having lower success rates than this. One of the trials was conducted and concluded in 2014. The research was funded by the Immune Tolerance Network and was published in February. The findings were published by Dr Shiva Gopal Vasishita in Neurology, the Medical Journal of the Academy of Neurology.

The results of the study indicate that it is more beneficial to patients to receive a onetime high dosage of HDIT as opposed to being subjected to many years of alternative therapies. The results have been seen as a stepping stone towards the establishment of a standard of care for this often scary and debilitating illness. The symptoms of MS vary greatly from patient to another. They include weakness, fatigue and chronic pain added to difficulties in speech and other motor functions. Most of the times, the patients experience periods of time where they have no symptoms and then they get relapses.

Dr Shiva Gopal Vasishita has been in the frontline in looking for a lasting solution to MS. He is a physician practicing in Vorhees, New Jersey. He graduated medical school in 1979 and has decades of experience in the field. He is also a member of the Medicare program and accepts medicare assignments.

“Beyond the Darkness” Announced to Launch on The Jericho Network

The supernatural is coming to The Jericho Network in the new program “Beyond the Darkness”. The show will be hosted by Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis and will be thoughtful discussions with a diverse selection of people with first-hand experience and researchers of the supernatural. Topics will range from the neighborhood ghost to alien encounters. Chris Jericho, head of The Jericho Network and WWE star, is very excited to welcome this new genre and fanbase to his channel that is evolving from the expected wrestling. Norman Pattiz, PodcastOne Chairman, announced in December that the show will be coming to Mondays on the Jericho Network.


Norman Pattiz is not only a current Chairman with PodcastOne but also founded the company in June of last year along with PodcastOne Sales. Already the companies have risen to be leaders in podcast marketing and sales, following the trend in the long line of successes in Pattiz’ longstanding career in broadcasting, where he has earned much recognition and several awards. He began with the formation of Westwood One in 1974, America’s now largest radio network in the industry and followed by Radio Sawa radio network when he was serving on the Broadcasting Board of Governors and Alhurra Television, which reaches the entirety of the Middle East. When he left Westwood One in 2010, he quickly jumped back into business with the creation of Courtside Group and has more recently entered the world of podcasting with PodcastOne.


Entering podcasting seemed like the next logical step to Pattiz after a discussion with Kit Gray. At the time, Gray was a Podcast Representative working from his home in Marina del Rey and helped Pattiz realize how similar the podcast was to radio. Once the connection was made, he launched his new business and has come to welcome the many hats he must wear on a daily basis in a small business. The same day has him in sales, technology, and anything else that needs to be completed. He finds that success lies, not in advanced knowledge of the business but in the hand of the consumer and focuses on expanding their capacity to implement new ideas to stay on top of the game where the success of a program is decided almost instantaneously. While others may be overwhelmed by this, Pattiz loves the democratic trend of the digitized media and is excited to see where it takes him.

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