Bruno Jorge Fagali the Law Expert in Compliance Bruno Jorge Fagali the Law Expert in Compliance

     The Brazilian advertising is prominent for being a multi-billion advertising entity. Its major contributors are government departments as well as agencies. Due to the delicate relationship that media and advertisers share, the advertising industry is experiencing numerous challenges pertaining to compliance issues. One factor is the traditional bonus, a payment system that media agencies […]

Ronald Fowlkes Leads First Spear with Innovation

Ronald Fowlkes is co-owner and the director of business development for First Spear. First Spear is a company dedicated to creating top quality gear for security professionals. Ronald has always had a passionate interest in protection and security. His childhood dream was to be a Marine and he was disappointed when they rejected his letter […]

Jed McCaleb Founder of Stellar

Mobile payments are a growing industry. Numerous people are excited about the different options available in this area. Jed McCaleb is the founder of Stellar. Stellar is one of the leading mobile payment companies in the world today.   Although Jed McCaleb is a successful business owner, he still takes time to help other people. […]

For Beginners and Experts: An AvaTrade Review

AvaTrade is a brokerage company that allows traders to invest in stocks online. AvaTrade is based in Ireland and wants to help those that are new to the game of online trading get off to a good start. AvaTrade also helps expert investors by providing detailed information before they begin making trades online. AvaTrade is […]