Exposing Misconduct on the Force Using Securus Technologies

When you discover that there is a corrupt police office on the take, it can send shock waves through the entire agency. As a police officer, my job is not only to protect and serve the residents, it is to make sure that my fellow officers are safe as well. When you discover one of the people you trusted with your life is on the take, you really have to think twice about who you rely on in a dangerous situation.


I work in a very crowded and dangerous prison, and me and my fellow officers are outnumbered 4:1 on any given day. My job is checking visitors for contraband, because a knife, blade, or other weapon could be used on inmates or myself. Even more dangerous than the weapons are the drugs, because an inmate that is under the influence in combative and unruly. I have become very skilled at being able to stop these items from getting in the jail, but a recent wave of contraband found in cells had me very concerned.


Even though we tightened up the visitor inspections and handed down severe penalties to inmates, the trouble only escalated. It was around that time we had the Securus Technologies install a new inmate communication system. I was the first trained on the LBS software, and I put it to use that very first day.


When I began to pick up some very interesting conversations, I took it upon myself to pursue before even the other guards caught wind. What the LBS software was able to help me discover is that one of the new guards was taking bribes from a particular gang and allow them to easily smuggle in drugs, cellphones, and weapons. He put us all at risk, and today he shares a cell with the criminals he tried to help.


Betsy DeVos Talks Philanthropy in a Candid New Interview

Betsy DeVos recently held an in-depth interview with Philanthropy. In it, she talked about her bold and controversial ideas and plans for the American education system notably the private school’s voucher funding initiatives. The interviewer’s first question to Betsy was about the advances made thus far in school choice. In her response, Mrs. DeVos started off by saying how proud she was about progress achieved in giving needy private school students a chance to receive tax-free rebates from the government.

Rethinking American Education

Her agenda had so far benefited about a quarter million students located on the four corners of the North American sub-continent. The future looks bright, and Betsy is quite hopeful that in the coming years, the programs will be operating in all the 54 states. In 2015, the movement she and the husband embarked on three decades back seemed to add up to 40K new participants annually.

Making A Real Difference

In the interview, Betsy DeVos talks about how together with the husband, they would visit a particular school in their home state, Michigan many years now gone. The one peculiar thing which drew them to this institution is that they noticed the love between the broke parents and their children at the private Christian School. They had to do something. What started out as a pet project of helping one or two pupils of Potters Christian School soon turned into a life-long pursuit. Before the Devoses knew it, they had engineered a support system infrastructure connecting the entire population at the facility.

Making of a Radical Reformer

According to Betsy, the traditional education curriculum has failed miserably in preparing the scholars on what awaits them in the real world. That’s why she chose to focus all her energy and attention on arm-twisting the government to renege on their selective funding of public schools programs. Soon after leaving Calvin College with a Bachelor’s degree in Arts, she got married shortly after that. Together with his partner, Dick DeVos, they vehemently campaigned for the first charter school bill to pass in the nineties.

Learn more: http://www.npr.org/sections/ed/2017/01/31/512507538/under-devos-heres-how-school-choice-might-work

Florida as the Benchmark

Betsy DeVos hopes to replicate the successful model of the program in Florida in the entire nation, moving forward. Betsy’s personal involvement in the grassroots in Louisiana saw thousands of student benefit from the newly introduced test voucher program. Mrs. DeVos protests that the Democrats have stood in their path every step of the way. The Democrats ties to the teachers union make it nearly impossible for them to vote with their conscience. The incoming Secretary of Education urged the Democrats to act in the interests of the children and the future of the nation first and place partisan politics second. Betsy is now a grandmother five times over. She once served as the leader of the Republican Party in Michigan. Her stint there lasted a whole six years.

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Celebrities Flock Towards Peace of Mind Found within Ancient Teachings

The stress of life is often overwhelming, daily challenges compiled by the stresses of balancing work and personal life, and other challenges that present themselves within life can send individuals searching for meaning and answers in unique places. During the late fifties and early sixties, society saw an influx of Eastern philosophies find their way into some of the elite circles of popular entertainment. Artists such as the Beatles, Rolling Stones, and even great speakers like Alan Watts found peace in embracing philosophies that were not common to their native lands.

A long time has passed since beatniks interested in Buddhism or Englishmen touting the benefits of Eastern religions though the trend has not faded. Once again culture is witnessing a re-emergence in the popularity of ancient teachings among celebrities and entertainment insiders. This time though celebrities and entertainment insiders are seeking solace and refuge from the stresses of their lives with the ancient teachings of the Kabbalah.

From celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, or even Madonna herself have been turning to the ancient teachings of Jewish mysticism, traditionally only available to members of Orthodox Judaism who have reached a prescribed age set by rabbis.

As the popularity of the teaching continues to increase, centers providing interested celebrities a safe environment to study and learn about the teachings have continued to grow as well. Madonna, a long-time supporter of the teachings and often thought as one of the main driving forces behind the interest of celebrities in the teachings, has used portions of her vast fortune to create centers catering to interested celebrities. Kabbalah is also present in professional network like Linkedin.

The most famous of the Kabbalah Centers catering to creating safe places away from prying eyes of reporters and paparazzi is certainly the Kabbalah Centre located in Los Angeles. The hub of all things Hollywood and movies is frequented quite often by celebrities and other influential leaders within entertainment. The center which teaches the beliefs central to the belief system has broken from the more stale and restrictive traditions held by other sects of the belief system, mainly effecting a more inclusive attitude.

If you would like to learn more about Kabbalah for celebrities please read this engaging article on the subject.

George Soros A Believer in an Open Society

George Soros is a hedge fund billionaire who became famous for making a billion dollars by shorting the pound in 1992. Mr. Soros has been in semi-retirement but he is still very influential as his predictions have impacts on the market. He is also active politically and he has a track record of supporting liberal candidates and issues such as criminal justice reform.

Soros was born and raised in Hungary to non-practicing Jews. His father Tividar Schwartz was a professional attorney. In 1936 Tividar changed the family name to Soros which means “will soar”. In 1944, when Soros was fourteen, Nazi Germany conquered and occupied Budapest. Tividar decided to split his family so as to maximize their chances of survival. He bribed government officials to conceal their Jewish heritage and he purchased forged papers that identified them as Christians.

In 1947 Tividar relocated the Soros family to England. George Soros attended the London School of Economics where he read the works of the philosopher Karl Popper. George Soros would later identify Popper as his spiritual mentor. Popper’s theory of an open society would come to play a principal role in Soros activities for the rest of his life. Open society is a moral code that espouses the principles of enhancing welfare for all of mankind. Popper rejected the assertion that certain truths are indisputable and that certain rights such as the right to life are unalienable. These beliefs are evidenced in Soros’ disdain of American politicians who have an unshaken belief in their culture’s nobility. Read more on NYTimes.com.

After graduating from the London School of Economics in 1952, Soros joined Singer and Friedlander, a brokerage firm based in London. Within a short period of time Soros became an expert in international arbitrage. In 1956 Soros relocated to New York and he became a stock trader. In 1961 Soros became a US citizen. In 1969 George Soros established his hedge fund the Double Eagle Fund with $4 million capital. The fund was renamed to The Quantum Fund in 1979. The value of the fund grew from $381 million in 1980 to $1 billion in 1985.

After the success of his hedge fund Soros ventured into philanthropy. He started by creating various Open Society Foundations. These organizations advance the concept of open societies as championed by Karl Popper. His network of Open Society Foundations has advanced and it is currently available in over 70 countries.

In the 2016 US Presidential election George Soros backed Hillary Clinton. He donated $25 million to her campaign and that of other Democratic candidates. After Trump’s unexpected victory Soros has become more active politically. He views Trump as a threat to the ideals of an open society. In a meeting of Democrat donors known as the Democratic Alliance Mr. Soros committed himself to opposing Trump policies that are contrary to his ideals.

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Britain’s Exit from The European Union May Be Good News For Brazil if Flavio Maluf is to Be Believed

Article 50 is the formal document that will confirm Britain’s exit from the European Union. Theresa May, the prime minister of the U.K., is officially putting article 50 in motion at the end of March 2017. Several things will happen once that article becomes official, but some things won’t change. The U.K. will still play a role in the EU, but that role will be small, according to the British government at http://maringa.odiario.com/economia/2016/12/conheca-com-flavio-maluf-algumas-dicas-para-nao-perder-a-produtividade-no-trabalho/2299424/. The U.K. is dealing with the Brexit decision better than economists said it would. Inflation is up, but unemployment is down. Exporters are happy thanks to a weak pound. But consumers are cautious even though interest rates are lower than they have been in three years.

The U.K. government knows it needs to cultivate new trade agreements, and Brazil is one country the Brits like to business with, even though Brazilian red tape is always an issue. According to Brazilian entrepreneur, Flavio Maluf, Brazil wants to do more business with Britain. In fact, Brazil wants to sign a new trade agreement with the U.K. within the next 12 months.

Brazil also wants to sign a new trade agreement with South Korea, and the United States, according to Maluf. Maluf’s company, Eucatex, has a strong presence in the United States. Eucatex building materials are sold in home improvement stores across the United States, and Eucatex has an office in the U.S. The Eucatex story started when Flavio’s grandfather, put a eucalyptus wood ceiling tile together in the 1950s. Maluf’s grandfather owned a sawmill, and there was excess wood lying around the mill. The wood ceiling tiles were a hit in the domestic market on linkedin.com. By the early 1960s, the company was shipping tiles to Argentina and Europe. Today, Eucatex is one of Brazil’s largest exporters of building materials.

Flavio Maluf has been the president of Eucatex since 1997. Maluf wants to do more business in the U.K. because Germany is one of the company’s best customers at segs.com. Once the Brits and the Brazilians agree and cut the red tape and the taxes that impede profitable exporting and importing, both countries will benefit from the relationship.

Where to Have Your Wedding Photos Taken in Austin and Chicago

Your wedding day should include outstanding photography. If you are planning your wedding in Austin or Chicago, then make sure to consider these amazing wedding photo locations.


Including Austin’s amazing skyline in your wedding photos is easy when you choose to have your pictures taken at Auditorium Shores. The contrast between the water and the downtown area lends an awesome contrast to your wedding photos. Originally constructed in 1886, the Driskell Hotel makes a great alternative.


Capture North Michigan Avenue behind you by having your wedding photos taken in the median in the 400 North block of Michigan Avenue. The nearby staircase at Pioneer Court makes the perfect backdrop for fun couple shots. Engage with nature by incorporating the nearby Chicago River in your wedding photography. Alternatively, consider the Chicago Cultural Center with its sweeping staircase and two glass domes.

Regardless of where you want to have your wedding photos taken, call George Street Photo and Video for expert advice.

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Cancer and aging are some of the scientific mysteries that are yet to be solved. However, Mikhail Blagosklonny has dedicated his research to finding out more about these two. He is based at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute as a professor of Oncology. He joined the institution in 2009 and was received with great enthusiasm by the staff at the institution. He also conducts research on cancer in search of new treatments and advancement of the existing ones. For instances, he realized that chemotherapy and radioactive rays that patients are exposed to tend to damage their cells. He is now working on therapies to protect the body cells from such damage.

He is also interested in aging. He uses his hypothesis based on the hyper-function theory to explain why aging happens. He argues that Target Of Rapamycin (TOR) is responsible for aging in organisms. The reason is that as the organisms continue to grow body cells are unable to adequately take up nutrients thus leading to their damage. Mikhail Blagosklonny also noticed that rapamycin which is common in cancer drugs reduces the damage of body cells. He proposed that this substance can be used as a remedy for aging. Further, through carrying out experiments on signal transduction, he has enable to reveal ways to slow down the aging process and also prevent age related illnesses. View Mikhail’s profile in LinkedIn

Blagosklonny holds an M.D in internal medicine from First Pavlov States Medical University of St. Peterburg. He also holds a PhD in cardiology and experimental medicine from the same institution. He has been a professor for quite a long time having started in 2002. He first worked as an associate professor in medicine at the New York Medical College. He also had a chance to work with Ordway Research Institute.

Blagosklonny is the editor-in-chief of Oncotarget. This is a biomedical journal that if freely accessible to all. Through the journal he has been able to make scientific knowledge especially in Oncology widely known rapidly. He has also enabled authors of various papers to come together to challenge and complement each other’s ideas. He is also an editor of International Journal of Cancer, American Journal of Pathology and Cell death and differentiation. Follow Mikhail on Loop

Roberto Santiago: Manaira Shopping Center

In Joao, Pessao, there is a shopping center that hosts more than two hundred stalls, several film theaters and more acreage than a lot of places around there. This place has everything that you may need if you are going shopping. So, whenever you are in Pessao, feel free to visit this center, it’s fun.

When you look around the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall, you will notice that there are food stands, over five theaters showing different movies at the same time and the impressive Domus Hall that hosts events regularly since 2009 when it was opened.

What You Can Find In Here

The Domus Hall

This hall was opened in 2009 and has been hosting very many functions that include the ones listed here below.

  • Science fairs and other conventions
  • Wedding and function receptions
  • Drama performances are performed here by theater ensembles
  • Art exhibitions that showcase everything
  • The floor has bars, cabins, and bathrooms

This hall forms a big part of the things that make this center so alluring.

Make Sure To Visit The Following Area

  • If you need a place to have the functions and other receptions, you can always use the Domus Hall
  • The food court serves several dishes if you want a bite
  • Eight cinemas were showing different movies at the same time. Pick a movie and then enjoy yourself
  • For the outdoor activities of fun, you can use the leisure grounds anytime because they have lots of room to enjoy yourself and run around.

This center is very large because of the things that are contained in it. You can basically find everything here, and when you walk in, it is evenly and well-spaced for comfort, and all the people that walk in are catered for properly.

The Stores

With over 200 stores, you can find anything here that sells everything including but not exclusive to:

  1. Stationery
  2. Food
  3. Vegetables
  4. Clothes
  5. Appliances
  6. Electronics
  7. Furniture

In short, everything that you may need is found in these stalls, and you can just have them all very easily because you get them all under one roof.


Making choices when you walk in will not be very easy because you are presented with the thing that you are looking for from multiple brands. This provides you with variety and diversity and different specs for everything that you need.

In Conclusion

This shopping center has all that you need. It is rare to find all that under one roof. The features, the entertainment, and the room is great for you to have fun in. So, anytime that you want something, you can always walk into the Manaira shopping center and get all that you want. Read more about the mall on exame.com.

End Citizens United Taking on Major Strides toward Campaign Reforms

End Citizens United is a political action committee (PAC) launched in August 2015 working toward campaign finance reforms. The PAC plans on being a major player in 2016, funneling their resources (millions of dollars) on Democratic Candidates competing for Senate and House seats. Richard Carbo, the communication’s director, stated that the group had managed to raise over two million dollars from small donors and the PAC was on track to bring in a sum of between 25 million dollars and 30 million dollars.


End Citizens United’s Goal


End Citizens United’s aim is to amend the constitution and undo the Supreme Court’s ruling which in 2010 unleashed a tide of dark money and Super PACs into politics. Over 325,000 individuals support End Citizens United’s move to pass said legislation. The number of supporters is likely to rise as the group partners with “Ready for Hillary” who will rent out their e-mail list to widen their net and reach more liberal supporters. In the same month of the group’s launch, they announced their participation in endorsing eleven Democratic candidates.


Mr. Carbo addressed this move citing that unlike other PACs who solely focused on campaign finance reforms, the End Citizens United had taken an alternative decisive approach having identified a gap in the political side which included getting people with the capability of changing the existing laws elected. This meant that they had to back candidates supporting campaign reforms and will stand against the Supreme Court’s ruling on Citizens United.


Criticisms of End Citizens United’s Strategy


End Citizens United’s efforts have been met with criticism from campaign finance experts. A constitution amendment requires two-thirds of the House and Senate approval in addition to 75% of the states ratifying the amendment. Professor of law and political science, and a campaign finance regulation professional, Rick Hasen, explained further on the pros and cons of End Citizens United’s move. He gave a hypothetical illustration, citing that even if the group managed to raise 100 million dollars the thought that this amount would facilitate a constitutional amendment through electing sympathetic congress members was a pipe dream.


Mr. Hasen added that a greater chance of getting the law overturned was the confirmation of a new Justice of the Supreme Court who had the capability of being the tie-breaker during a court balance. Mr. Hasen, however, argued that PACs such as End Citizens United served an important role in maintaining the pressure on the Supreme Court alongside other political players and ensuring public awareness of the court’s decision.


About End Citizens United


It was formed on March 1, 2015. The group is a Political Action Committee supported by grassroots donors. End Citizens United has committed themselves to countering the negative impacts of Citizen United through campaign finance reforms. Their mission is to disassemble the country’s rigged political system and fight Big Money through passing state ballot and electing persons in support of campaign finance reforms.


A Keen Analysis of the 2016 Performance of the Ohio Housing Market

The Ohio Association of Realtors reported a statewide increase in Homes purchases for the year 2016 compared to the previous fiscal year (2015) which lay at 7.5%. Among the areas showcased was Northeast Ohio whose home sales rose by 8%. The data used in the report was collected from listings paired with newly constructed and previously owned residences.

A Closer Look at the Real Estate Trend

In a news release, Pete Kopt from Statewide Trade Group stated that 2016 was a very successful year for the Ohio real estate market as it saw a record increase in sales. A look at December 2016 sales, in comparison to 2015, indicates a 2.8 percent increase. It is important to note, however, that Northeast Ohio and other markets had been experiencing yearly declines. In December 2016, Ohio’s average selling price was 159,531 dollars, a 4.8% increase compared to the same month in 2015.

Analysis of 2016’s December Sales

Price growth coupled with real estate shortages was the main agenda; this was after the National Association of Realtors released a report which focused exclusively on sales of existing homes. Despite the slow market sales in December 2016, the year experienced impeccable sales gains compared to the previous decade.

Lawrence Yun, the trade association’s chief economist, connected 2016’s impressive market run to the low mortgage rates and job creations experienced throughout the year. However, he explained that elevating mortgage rates posed a threat to market prices in December. Yun also added that a shortage of supply listings and high prices also caused low sales during the month.

About Tammy Mazzocco

Tammy Mazzocco is a residential real estate agent with Judy Gang and Associates. She operates in Delaware, Licking, Franklin, and Fairfield counties – Central Ohio. Her real estate career began when she was employed as a secretary at The Edwards Realty Company.

At The Edwards Realty Company, Tammy worked together with nine commercial agents. Tammy Mazzocco would then go ahead to spend seven years at Scotland Yard Condominiums. It is during this period, 1995, that she became a registered realtor. Tammy is very passionate about real estate and is keen to continue growing in the industry under the mentor ship of her boss and friend, Judy Gang.

Reference: http://radaris.com/p/Tammy/Mazzocco/