Penelope Kokkinides of InnovaCare Health

The people of Puerto Rico are trying to return to their normal lives. Businesses are beginning to reopen. The island is starting to seem like normal. Although millions have been invested into cleaning up the disastrous state Hurricane Maria left the island in, there is still work to be done. Medical need is a top priority of the island, a priority often overlooked. InnvoCare Health is working tirelessly on the island to bring healthcare and medical attention to residents.


What use to be shopping retail locations, are now makeshift medical clinics. It is rather normal to be strolling in a mall and come across a clinic free of charge trying to help the residents of Puerto Rico. InnovaCare Health is company based out of New Jersey that serves patients with physicals and medial treatment. They treat a variety of specialized medical cases. The healthcare company falls underneath the Medicare Advantage umbrella. In fact, InnovaCare is the island’s largest health plan aiding relief. After the company worked to set up these makeshift medical clinics, thousands of displaced residents immediately came to the clinic. Most of them came for medical care, but some of them came just for sound emotional counsel. The clinics have seen tens of thousands of people over the past three months. Doctor offices are closed and hospitals are several damaged. So, these types of clinics have become the new normal.


Since InnvoCare Health has been creating these clinics, an overall improvement in physical and emotional care has been noticed on the island. The company offers exercise classes, education programs and wellness workshops. Specialists are on staff to assist patients with behavior issues. Mental health screenings and counsel is are available to help those dealing with grief, depression, and anxiety. The world has been at Puerto Rico’s aide by donating medicines and food. The staff helps residents to apply for needed social services.


The company’s chief administrative officer Penelope Kokkinides met with president Donald Trump to discuss funding for Puerto Rico. The island receives significantly less funding than all the other fifty U.S. states. A decrease in funding relates to less medical attention the island is in desperate need of. After the meeting, Innnocare Health announced more attention and medical aid would be delivered to the island.