Ronald Fowlkes Leads First Spear with Innovation

Ronald Fowlkes is co-owner and the director of business development for First Spear. First Spear is a company dedicated to creating top quality gear for security professionals. Ronald has always had a passionate interest in protection and security. His childhood dream was to be a Marine and he was disappointed when they rejected his letter for admission at age ten. When Ronald became older the dream finally came true and he was able to serve our country as a proud Marine. He is also a graduate of the Army’s prestigious jump school.


Ronald’s time in the military combined with his experience as a team lead in the St. Louis Police Force SWAT team were responsible for his introduction to the company he would later Co-own, First Spear. He noticed that the majority of the quality equipment that first the military and then later the police SWAT team used was procured from First Spear. The main thing he noticed was how First Spear gear was really well-designed and held up well to wear and tear. Ronald is quoted as telling people that FirstSpear likes to consider themselves the Gucci or Ferrari of the tactical world. Staying true to their values First spear makes everything in America with American made fabrics.


First Spear is an innovative company and Ronald Fowlkes is one of the driving forces behind that. He believes that team work is the best way to find a solution to a problem and he spends a lot of time in close consultation with various police departments and the military to really create innovative products that suite the requirements and needs of the various departments and branches. He says the best ideas come from people in the field provided by the relationships the company has already established. Their commitment to innovation has been the driving force behind the industry turning to laser-cutting and new tube technology. These things alone have lightened loads for police officers and soldiers by 40 percent.


While Ronald Fowlkes works long hours to help protect and equip the men and women that protect us, he does find time to give back. A lifelong hockey fan he coaches his son’s youth hockey team. He calls it a win-win because he gets to give back to the community and a chance to spend more time with his son. This isn’t Ronald’s only outlet for his passion about hockey. He also writes a hockey blog on


When asked what the secret to his success was Ronald Fowlkes attributed it to usually being able to lead by example combined with the use of good old-fashioned pencil and paper to make a todo list. Anything that doesn’t get accomplished one day simply gets accomplished the next. With that commitment to getting things done who knows what new innovation we have yet to see come from the hard work of Ronald Fowlkes.