Ronald Fowlkes

Ronald Fowlkes has recently become the director of business development and a part owner at FirstSpear. FirstSpear is a tactical gear manufacturer that produces the highest quality gear for government and commercial use. Ronald knew about FirstSpear gear from his marine days and then as a Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) leader in the St. Luis Metropolitan police.


Ronald and his comrades first encountered FirstSpear products in the marines and always preferred FirstSpear tactical gear, because it was more robust, functional and extremely well made. Then, as a police officer and HRT team leader for the St. Luis metropolitan police department it was again FirstSpear products that were being used. It was a natural step for Ronald to eventually join FirstSpear.


Ronald has over 30 years of experience using, developing and improving tactical gear for law enforcement, the military and personal use. In 1989, Ronald joined the United States Marine Corps School of Infantry and became a fully prepared marine. He served for four years and is a veteran of the First Gulf War. He took part in Operation Desert Shield and prepared soldiers for combat then, he fought during Operation Desert Shield and was promoted twice for his gallantry in action and excellent leadership and tactical skills.


After leaving the military Ronald joined the Air Naval Gunfire Liasion Company (ANGLICO). He learned many skills including leadership, engineering and tactical reconnaissance skills. ANGLICO improved its effectiveness and efficiency with Ronald’s vast experience and knowledge.


Ronald then took his expertise and experience with the marine corps into the Joint Improvised Explosive Defeat Organization (JIEDDO). JIEDDO moves ahead of friendly forces and then locates and disarms enemy IEDs and bomb threats in their path. This greatly reduces casualties and vehicle damage.


When Ronald returned home to St. Luis Missouri he wasn’t done serving his community and country. He joined the St. Luis Metropolitan police department and served for thirteen productive years. During his law enforcement career he took part in over 250 high-risk entries and hostage situations every year. In 2003, Ronald became an HRT team leader and a fully licensed SWAT/URBAN instructor.


After helping his military comrades in Iraq Ronald took back his community from violent gangs in his hometown. Ronald and his team investigated many narcotics and other gang related activity in St. Luis, eventually reducing the criminal activity in the area.


Today, Ronald’s aim is to improve the effectiveness of law enforcement and the military by improving the kind of gear that they use. On many occasions Ronald experienced gear malfunctions in the field of combat and decided to do something about it. He joined Eagle Industries Unlimited, which is a company that produces high-quality tactical gear for the military, law enforcement and private individuals. Ronald is the director of business development for both Eagle Industries Unlimited and FirstSpear. Both companies produces the best equipment that not only improves the effectiveness to take lives, but to save lives as well. When Ronald is not serving his military and law enforcement brothers he is coaching his sons hockey team. He frequently writes about the sport as well on his medium blog.