Ryan Seacrest – Hardest Working Man in Hollywood

Ryan Seacrest is the star of American Idol and is also known for being the host of Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Years Eve. He is a radio star with 3 different radio shows, he hosts red carpet events for E!, he runs a clothing line and he also has his own nonprofit foundation. This has earned him a reputation for being “the hardest working man in Hollywood.”

He has a secret for staying on top of things. While he has a radio show, right across the hall he is able to walk into his TV studio. He surrounds himself with a team of experts in their respective fields and he works hard.

His day starts at approximately 5:15 AM when he wakes up to get to his studio for 5:45, or 15 minutes before his show is scheduled to begin. He doesn’t typically drink coffee because he naturally has a lot of energy. His impatience is the reason why he also manages to stay motivated to work hard. He shuns lunch meetings and simply works to get things done as quickly as possible.

He began on the radio at age 16 in Atlanta, but didn’t get his big break until he was featured on American Idol. He attended the University of Georgia for a little while, but had the opportunity to move to California and decided to take the chance and move to California.

Arguably, Ryan Seacrest was also the creator of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. He was approached by Kris Jenner whom felt her family would be a perfect candidate. A camera crew shot a family barbeque, which Ryan Seacrest sent footage of to E!.

Ryan Seacrest aims to leave a mark behind, and he wants to be seen as a friend on radio and T.V. His goal is to be a mentor that people look up to, and inspire the next generation of reporters and stars.

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