Sawyer Howitt Entrepreneur: The 5 Proven Ways in Which Young Entrepreneurs Can Stand up to Ageism

As the youths fight to make their moves, the old employees struggle to maintain their relevance. This results in an age gap and leads to the discrimination against the beginners in the workforce.

But how can you go about this mainly if you are in your 20s?

  1. Turn Your Age into a Benefit

Many are times when some people will try to put it that your youthful age is a disadvantage in industry. You just need to show the various ways in which your age can serve as an asset. You might be more conversant with technology issues than your colleagues. You are more energetic to work until the late hours and wideout with your projects before them. You are a single, and hence you have got no family ties. Lay these facts on the light and this way; they will get to know that you are a powerful asset.

  1. Don’t Give Up

It happens that some people who are more experienced and has made a mark in your industry might intimidate you. You don’t need to give up but continue with your effective and efficient input in your field of profession. Provide them with statistical analysis that illustrates the various ways in which you are valuable to the industry. Their assumption can be countered with real hard facts.

  1. Prove Your Value

You need to prove your value since some employers will get to know your age, career history as well as the experience s they down look your real and actual potential and accomplishments. At times, you just have to work to lay a good background of your capability in work. You don’t have to shy off about any of your accomplishments. The results of your hard work efficiently and effectively will undoubtedly prove you right.

  1. Be Honest

You need not operate under any pretense. You need to accept that you don’t know everything. If you happen to act like you know everything, then you will be setting up yourself to fail. All you need to do is to show that you are destined to get everything done by gaining access to any resource that can be of help to get the job done even when you are operating in an unfamiliar field. This will show that you are adaptive and quick to learn anything.

  1. Market yourself

Let it be known to the public just in case you are high performing in your profession. This is because you might be passed over for rank promotion if you just keep it to yourself especially in a massive corporation as you might not stand any unique compared to the rest of your partners. Your boss might not be in a position to notice any of your accomplishments hence it stand to be your duty to list them down in your reviews and give regular updates on your achievements and success.

These are the main five ways in which young entrepreneurs can stand up to ageism by Sawyer Howitt.