Securus Technologies pleases customers with broad suite of powerful security features

Over the last 10 years, no one has done more to improve the safety and security of the nation’s carceral institutions then Securus Technologies. As a leading provider of inmate communication services, Securus Technologies has not only created some of the most high tech, high-quality communication systems with which inmates can communicate with their loved ones on the outside of prison, the company has also been at the forefront of creating security solutions that allow for the safe and secure operation of prison communications facilities, ensuring that prisoners who would attempt to abuse the system are not able to do so.


One of the ways in which Securus is ensuring that today’s prisons operate in a safe and orderly manner is through deployment of security features contained within the Secure Calling Platform, the company’s proprietary VoIP-based communications technology that it has been developing since the early 2000s. This platform comes with some of the most powerful security features in the industry, already included.


For example, the platform is able to automatically transcribe all communication that takes place over prison devices, analyzing the text of every call and automatically flagging suspicious calls or communications, so that officers on duty may take a closer look at what is being discussed. The system is able to automatically detect the use of code words, criminally related key phrases and even the presence of known criminals or parties that have been banned from communications with prisoners inside the facility. It is able to do this through a combination of ultra-advanced voice recognition technology, artificial intelligence, which is able to automatically convert into words with a high degree of accuracy, and other means.


Through system such as this, Securus is taking prison security into the 21st century. Today, system such as the Secure Call Platform enable prison guard to spend a far more of their on-duty time actually guarding prisoners, rather than doing menial clerical work that machines can do much better.