Selling Them Short: Sahm Adrangi

Chief investment officer and founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management Sahm Adrangi attended Ivy League Yale University. After graduating he entered the banking world holding numerous manager roles within various companies. Attaining extensive knowledge from helping banks with financial debt and creditors with bankruptcy he proceeded to start his own company. It was in 2009 that His Kerrisdale Management firm was created. Leading by example, Sahm Adrangi oversees and personally helps each and every department.


Recently Sam had the opportunity to headline a short selling conference during May of this year. The seminar took place at the New York Athletic Club. It was titled The Art, Pain and opportunity of Short Selling. With investors all over the globe acknowledging a shift in the short selling industry this conference addressed many of those changes. Sahm Adrangi was featured as the opening speaker at this anticipated event. Successfully turning his $1 million start up company into an enterprise which now manages more than $150 million in assets; he had all eyes and ears on him. He informed those at the conference about Ad fraud opportunities. With this being an ongoing issue he remarks that it can also be an opportunity for many investors to take advantage of when the time is right. The nucleus of Sahm Adrangi’s address keyed in on noticing the links that correlate between fraud and short term investment opportunities. He expressed that investors must be diligent and understand the impact that ad fraud had on the market. Once a company has been exposed for fraud this normally causes a drop in that company’s stock. Having foresight and noticing these occurrences before they happen can tremendously assist investors in making the right choices to short sell certain stocks.


Being alert and having viable knowledge about fraudulent companies is something that investors all over the world can capitalize on. Information that Sahm Adrangi provided is useful to seasoned investors as well as beginners with a modest portfolio. The timing of his address and this conference was great; as the number of short sellers are increasing worldwide, along with fraudulent companies.