Shervin Pishevar’s Tweetstorm Was One For The Ages

When Shervin Pishevar issued forth with 50 Tweets in a 21-hour period, dozens of high profile media outlets stopped the proverbial presses. As media types digested what this highly-regarded angel investor had to say, they discovered that not much of it was positive.

Shervin Pishevar predicted a bumpy ride for the U.S. economy on many fronts. That includes a significant downward correction in the U.S. stock market, a drop of perhaps 6,000 points, he Tweeted.

But while the stock market can be said to go up and down by nature, Shervin Pishevar said Silicon Valley itself may soon go down and possibly never “trend” upward again. He said Silicon Valley in today’s climate is more of an “idea” than a genuine entity that holds a particular position of power in the world. He thinks the high-tech intelligentsia that inhabits Silicon Valley have become calcified and mired under the miasma of the very giants they have created.

Speaking of those giants, Shervin Pishevar said that companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Alphabet and others have long-since gone powermad. They have taken control over too much of the high-tech world. He suggested government regulators may start eying them for break-up to loosen the stifling monopolies they have come to embody.

There’s more — but now let’s look at something a tad more positive Shervin Pishevar Tweeted. He said that inflation may be all but dead. That’s because the U.S. has been effectively “exporting” inflation to other countries via trade policy for years now, he said.

How about cryptocurrency? Yes, Shervin Pishevar had thoughts on that, too. He thinks Bitcoin is seriously overvalued and due for a crash. It’s value may plummet considerably, he said, but also may stabilize at perhaps $2,000 to $5,000.

It was a Tweetstorm for the ages by one of America’s most successful angel investors.