Siteline Cabinetry Offers Great Workmanship and Flexibility

Kitchen cabinets are the most popular and sought-after types of cabinets in any new home or building project, and rightly so. Cabinets in the kitchen take on a personal touch as the homeowner assesses their needs for storage and style. The modern styles include cabinets with different colors, functions and styles that meet the needs of customers. Woodworking and crafts are constantly changing and customers who keep up with the trends can design exactly what they want with Siteline Cabinetry and their expertise.

Siteline cabinets are made to order as opposed to being built in bulk in a warehouse or a factory. The cabinets are built according to specialized design instructions from a client so that they are completely satisfied with the final result. Once Siteline gets the final design from a client, the cabinets are constructed by professionals who specialize in cabinets and nothing else.

Siteline understands that there are no two people who want the exact style and design. The needs of customers and their storage requirements will differ from family to family. With over 270 colors, varieties of materials, and finishes, Siteline Cabinetry can help you design the cabinets and storage facilities of your dreams.

Siteline Cabinetry has been in business since 1973 when Pat Corsi formed the company to specialize in custom built cabinets that would be designed individually for the client. The company owns no storage facilities anywhere because all of the work is done on site on a custom basis. Siteline has completed over 50,000 projects as every job has been a special creation just for the client.

Siteline Cabinetry operates out of their home base in Indianapolis, Indiana as well as in Elkins, West Virginia and Keysville, Virginia. There are authorized dealers and representatives all across the United States. Customers can contact the company through the website or through a local dealer or representative.

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