Sussex Health Care And Residential Homes

Sussex Health Care offers residential and nursing care to the patient. The facility opened its doors in 2002, and it received accreditation by Healthy Quality service and investors in Peoples Health. Sussex healthcare offers care and support to vulnerable people in the United Kingdom. They have 20 homes which provide care for the aged, physically and mentally challenged people. The facility provides comfortable and safe environment for the individual to maximize their mental, social, intellectual and physical capacity. The home offers recreation, leisure, and social activities to the patients who are essential to their overall health and well-being.

The homes have full-time professional staff. They are well trained and dedicated to offering nursing care with upholding patient personal respect and dignity. The healthcare facilities are well designed to meet the needs of the patients. The services and programs are integrated with technology to give a conducive and fun environment for therapies.

The leisure programs and facilities are meant to motivate, stimulate and encourage the individual to maximize those services for their wellbeing and quick recovery. The select staff activities based on individual ability and interest. The patients are supported to rekindle old fun activities, participate and share with other new businesses and games. They support people with dementia, physical and learning disabilities through training their staff to offer personal centered approach treatment and therapy to the client.

Also, they provide excellent care for people with brain injury and neurological challenges. The facility and services are centered on the need of the patient. The healthcare focus is to ensure the patient receives quality health care, and professional standards are maintained.

The facility admits people with learning and physical disability. They have the equipment and unique services to support them learn and be able to lead a healthy life. The healthcare has staff who are trained to handle such cases.

Sussex HealthCare offer plenty and fresh meals which are well prepared using local ingredients which are familiar to the patients.

The mission of Sussex health care and homes is to be the leading first-class nursing and residential care in the country. Their objective is to provide quality and professional health care driven and focused on the need of the patient. The management team oversees daily running of the home through guidance Sussex Policy group. The organization received ISO certification in 2005 and it was named as the only home care provider in the United Kingdom.