Sussex Healthcare To Keep Moving Forward

Sussex Healthcare has always focused on being progressive and innovative in the healthcare industry; this has helped to ensure that Sussex Healthcare is never behind when it comes to advances in treatment and patient care. This philosophy isn’t just focused on their patients, however; the company also focuses on ensuring that their medical and support staff are highly trained and extensively supported so that they can adequately treat their patients.

One of the most prominent aspects of Sussex Healthcare’s philosophy is clear and open communication; this can be vital not only for patients but for the staff that cares for them too. Because of that, the company has always placed a firm emphasis on creating open and transparent communication channels between patients, staff and upper management. This not only gives the medical staff the support and help that they need but ensures that patients’ needs are addressed when they need it the most. This communication is not only focused on patients’ medical needs but also any changes within the company and their care centers that might affect staff and patients.

This is something that Sussex Healthcare has needed to focus on recently as the healthcare company has been undergoing some changes across each of its care centers. As the company’s COO Steve Whittingham has noted, while these changes can be confusing and drastic it also means that it’s an exciting time to be a part of the company. However, this confusion may have a negative effect on medical staff and their ability to treat their patients to the best of their ability. Or that would be the case if the upper management at Sussex Healthcare hadn’t been so clear and communicative with staff about what the changes will be and how implementing them will affect medical staff and their patients.

Sussex Healthcare’s changes aren’t all driven by upper management, however. Many of the areas and aspects of the business that are currently being upgraded and improved are the result of feedback from staff and patients alike; this may be because of the almost excessive amount of communication within the company. However, it does mean that those who are being affected most by the changes have a major impact on changes going forward.

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