The Career Of Ryan Seacrest Explained

American Idol, Live with Kelly and Ryan, On Air with Ryan Seacrest, and E! Network at the Oscars, Grammy’s, and Golden Globes have reached astronomical levels of success largely thanks to the presence of the popular, good-looking, and talented entertainment industry star Ryan Seacrest.

Here are just a few of the most well-known endeavors Ryan Seacrest has taken on in his lengthy career, all of which are deeply intertwined in the threads of the entertainment industry.

Clothing line success came easy for Ryan Seacrest

Distinction is a men’s formal wear and lifestyle brand that was founded by Mr. Seacrest in 2014. In interviews over the past four years, Ryan has shared that his close relationship with master tailor and fashion industry executive Christopher Bailey set his career on the proverbial fast track to success. Bailey, one-time CCO and current president of worldwide luxury fashion brand Burberry, helped get Distinction off the ground, something that Seacrest has stated that he’ll forever be thankful to the fashion world bigwig for.

Radio success has populated Seacrest’s career, as well

Ryan first dipped his figurative feet into the realm of radio broadcasting at the young age of 16. Even though the much-younger Mr. Seacrest was only a high school student at the time, he earned a spot hosting a weekend radio show at WSTR FM, a local Atlanta radio station that he joined the staff of after earning an internship with WSTR through high secondary school, Dunwoody High School.

After graduation, he hosted the same show during the same time he attended the University of Georgia’s school of journalism. However, like many of the most successful entrepreneurial figures across the United States, Mr. Ryan Seacrest dropped out of classes at the University of Georgia in favor of living in Los Angeles, California, an area with an entertainment industry far more fertile than that of the southeastern United States.


Ryan Seacrest founded the Ryan Seacrest Foundation a decade ago, which provides help to kids forced to live in hospitals.

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